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Iannis Xenakis created the music using the UPIC which makes sound based on drawings that Xenakis made.
The Racoviţă or Racovitza family were a partially hellenized family of Moldavian and Wallachian boyars which gave the Danubian Principalities several hospodars, becoming influential inside the Ottoman...
Constantin Cantacuzino (aviator)
Constantin Cantacuzino (nicknamed Bâzu; November 11, 1905–May 26, 1958) was a Romanian aviator, one of his country's leading World War II fighter aces, and a member of the Cantacuzino family.
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Alexandru Cantacuzino
Alexandru Cantacuzino was a Romanian politician who served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs from June 24, 1862 until September 29, 1862 and as the Minister of Finance from July 12, 1862 until March ...
Joannicius III of Constantinople
Joannicius III (Greek: Ιωαννίκιος Γ΄, Serbian: Јоаникије III), born Ioannis Karatzas, was Archbishop of Peć and Patriarch of the Serbs from 1739 to 1746 and Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantino...
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Scarlat Ghica
Prince Scarlat Ghica was a Prince of Moldavia (2 March 1757 – 7 August 1758), and twice Prince of Wallachia (August 1758 – 5 June 1761; 18 August 1765 – 2 December 1766). He was a member of the Ghica ...
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Ștefan Racoviță
Ștefan Racoviță was Prince of Wallachia, Romania, between 8 February 1764 and 29 August 1765.
Ghica family
The Ghica family (Romanian: Ghica, Albanian: Gjika, Greek: Gikas, Γκίκαs) were a Romanian noble family active in Wallachia, Moldavia and in the Kingdom of Romania. In the 18th century, sev...
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Phanariots, Phanariotes, or Phanariote Greeks (Greek: Φαναριώτες, Romanian: Fanarioți, Turkish: Fenerliler) were members of those prominent Greek (including Hellenized Vlach and Albanian) ...
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Callimachi family
Callimachi, Calimachi, or Kallimachi (originally Calmaşul or Călmaşu) was a Moldavian-Greek Phanariote boyar and princely family, originating with a group of free peasants living in the Orhei area of ...
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Cantacuzino family
The Cantacuzino or Cantacuzène family is a princely family of Wallachia, Moldavia and Russia, who are descend from a branch of the Greek Kantakouzenos family, descended from the Byzantine Emperor John...
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Caradja, Karadja or Caragea (also known as Caratzas and Karatzas) is an aristocratic family of Byzantine and Phanariote Greek origins, present as dignitaries in the Ottoman Empire, and established as ...
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Comăneşti ([koməˈneʃtʲ]) is a town in Bacău County, Romania, with a population of 19,568. It is situated on the Trotuş River, which flows between the Ciuc and the Tarcău mountains (10 km (6 ...
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