Alexis Nour
Alexis Nour ([aˈleksis ˈno.ur]; born Alexei Vasile Nour, also known as Alexe Nour, Alexie Nour, As. Nr.; Russian: Алексе́й Ноур, Aleksey Nour; 1877–1940) was a Bessarabian-born Romanian journalist...
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Excelsior (Macedonski)
Excelsior (1895-1897) is the title of a collection of poetry by the Romanian poet Alexandru Macedonski. It contains the following poems:
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Felix Aderca
Felix Aderca or F. Aderca ([ˈfeliks aˈderka]; born Froim-Zelig (Froim-Zeilic) Aderca, also known as Zelicu Froim Adercu or Froim Aderca; March 13, 1891 – December 12, 1962), was a Romanian novelist, p...
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Avram Steuerman-Rodion
Avram Steuerman-Rodion, born Adolf Steuerman or Steuermann and often referred to as just Rodion (November 30, 1872 – September 19, 1918), was a Romanian poet, anthologist, physician and socialist jour...
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Traian Popovici
Traian Popovici (October 17, 1892 – June 4, 1946) was a Romanian lawyer and mayor of Cernăuţi during World War II, known for saving 20,000 Jews of Bukovina from deportation.
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Christian Rakovsky
Christian Rakovsky (August 13 [O.S. August 1] 1873 – September 11, 1941) was a Bulgarian socialist revolutionary, a Bolshevik politician and Soviet diplomat; he was also noted as a j...
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