Funeral of King Michael of Romania.
Prince Charles pays his respects at the funeral of King Michael of Romania.
Alex Vraciu, top WW II flying ace, dies at 96
The F6F Hellcat pilot was credited with destroying 19 Japanese planes in the air and 21 on the ground.
Gheorghe Manoliu
Gheorghe Manoliu ( 21 May 1888, Piatra Neamţ; d. 28 August 1980, Bucarest) was a Romanian General during World War II.
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Ion Constantinescu
Ion Constantinescu (born 1896, date of death unknown) was a Romanian brigadier general during World War II.
In 1941, he was commandant of the Regimental Instruction Center for Mechanization, and i...
Emil Bodnăraș
Emil Bodnăraș (10 February 1904 Iaslovăț, Suceava County – 24 January 1976) was an influential Romanian Communist politician, an army officer, and a Soviet agent. He was involved in many of the event...
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Grigore Gafencu
Grigore Gafencu ([ɡriˈɡore ɡaˈfeŋku]; b. January 30, 1892, Bucharest - d. January 30, 1957, Paris) was a Romanian politician, diplomat and journalist.
Gafencu studied law and received his Ph.D. in...
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Nicolae Cambrea
Nicolae Cambrea (1900–1976) was a Romanian Brigadier-General during World War II. In 1942, heserved as Chief of Staff 5th Division. He was briefly a Soviet prisoner of war, but the following year join...
Eugen Ciucă
Eugen Ciucă ([e.uˈd͡ʒen t͡ʃjukə]; 27 February 1913 – 26 September 2005) was a contemporary Romanian-American artist known for his monumental sculptures, vivid paintings and drawings of delicate femini...