Rulers of Wallachia
This is a List of rulers of Wallachia, from the first mention of a medieval polity situated between the Southern Carpathians and the Danube until the union with Moldavia in 1862, leading to the creati...
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Rulers of Moldavia
This is a List of rulers of Moldavia, from the first mention of the medieval polity east of the Carpathians and until its disestablishment in 1862, when it united with Wallachia, the other Danubian Pr...
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Rulers of Transylvania
List of rulers of Transylvania, from the 10th century, until 1918.
Before 1556, the administration of the eastern parts of the Hungarian Kingdom, referred as Partes Transsylvana (Latin for "parts ...
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Kings of Romania
The King of the Romanians (Romanian: Regele Românilor) was the sovereign ruler of the Kingdom of Romania from 1881 until 1947, when Romania was proclaimed a People's Republic following Michael I's for...
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Ștefan Tomșa
Ștefan Tomșa or Ștefan VII was the ruler of Moldavia in 1563 and 1564.
Tomșa served as hatman and came to power as leader of a boyar revolt against the Lutheran Ioan Iacob Heraclid, whose attempts...
Alexandru II Ghica
Alexandru II or Alexandru D. Ghica (1796–1862), a member of the Ghica family, was Prince of Wallachia from April 1834 to 7 October 1842 and later caimacam (regent) from July 1856 to October 1858.
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Prince Nicholas of Romania (b. 1985)
Prince Nicholas of Romania (born Nicholas Michael de Roumanie Medforth-Mills, 1 April 1985), is third in line to the defunct throne of Romania according to the new family statute enacted in 2007. He i...
Constantin Șerban
Constantin II Şerban was Prince of Wallachia between 1654 and 1658, illegitimate son to Radu Şerban (according to custom, being born out of wedlock (social term bastard) did not disqualify Constantin...
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