Excelsior (Macedonski)
Excelsior (1895-1897) is the title of a collection of poetry by the Romanian poet Alexandru Macedonski. It contains the following poems:
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Axis mundi
The axis mundi (also cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar, center of the world, world tree), in religion or mythology, is the world center or the connection between Heaven and Earth. As the celestial...
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Paul Păun
Paul Păun, September 5, 1915 – April 9, 1994 (born Zaharia Herșcovici, and who later in life changed his legal name to Zaharia Zaharia), also signed his work Paul Paon and Paul Paon Zaharia. He was a ...
Tristan Tzara
Tristan Tzara ([tʁistɑ̃ dzaʁa]; [trisˈtan ˈt͡sara]; born Samuel or Samy Rosenstock, also known as S. Samyro; April 16 [O.S. April 4] 1896 – December 25, 1963) was a French avan...
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Alexandru Sturdza
Alexandru Sturdza (Александр Скарлатович Стурдза; Iași, Moldavia, 18 November 1791 – Odessa, 13 June 1854) was a Russian publicist and diplomat of Romanian origin. In his writings, he referred to hims...
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François Bréda
François Bréda (Hungarian: Bréda Ferenc; born 20 February 1956, Deva, Romania), essayist, poet, literary critic, literary historian, translator, theatrologist.
On his mother's side he is grand...
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Șerban Cioculescu
Şerban Cioculescu ([ʃerˈban t͡ʃjokuˈlesku]; 7 September 1902 – 25 June 1988) was a Romanian literary critic, literary historian and columnist, who held teaching positions in Romanian literature at the...
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Păstorel Teodoreanu
Păstorel Teodoreanu, or just Păstorel (born Alexandru Osvald (Al. O.) Teodoreanu; July 30, 1894 – March 17, 1964), was a Romanian humorist, poet and gastronome, the brother of novelist Ionel Teodorean...
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Henri H. Stahl
Henri H. Stahl (also known as Henry H. Stahl or H. H. Stahl; 1901—9 September 1991) was a Romanian Marxist cultural anthropologist, ethnographer, sociologist, and social historian.
Born in B...
Alexandru Tzigara-Samurcaș
Alexandru Tzigara-Samurcaș ([alekˈsandru t͡siˈɡara samurˈkaʃ]; also known as Al. Tzigara, Tzigara-Sumurcaș, Tzigara-Samurcash, Tzigara-Samurkasch or Țigara-Samurcaș; April 4, 1872 – April 1, 1952) was...
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Mărgărita Miller-Verghy
Mărgărita Miller-Verghy ([mərɡəˈrita ˈmiler ˈverɡi]; first name also Margareta, surname also Miller-Verghi, Miller-Vergy; full name also Marg. M-V.; January 1, 1865 – December 31, 1953) was a Romanian...
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Elena Văcărescu
Elena Văcărescu or Hélène Vacaresco (September 21, 1864 in Bucharest – February 17, 1947 in Paris) was a Romanian-French aristocrat writer, twice a laureate of the Académie française.
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Victor Babeș
Victor Babeș ([ˈviktor ˈbabeʃ]; 4 July 1854 – 19 October 1926) was a Romanian physician, biologist, and one of the earliest bacteriologists. He made early and significant contributions to the study of...
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Lucian Boia
Lucian Boia (born 1 February 1944, Bucharest) is a Romanian historian.
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Alexandru Macedonski
Alexandru Macedonski ([alekˈsandru mat͡ʃeˈdonski]; also rendered as Al. A. Macedonski, Macedonschi or Macedonsky; March 14, 1854 – November 24, 1920) was a Wallachian-born Romanian poet, novelist, dra...
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Nicolae Iorga
Nicolae Iorga ([nikoˈla.e ˈjorɡa]; sometimes Neculai Iorga, Nicolas Jorga, Nicolai Jorga or Nicola Jorga, born Nicu N. Iorga; January 17, 1871 – November 27, 1940) was a Romanian historian, politician...
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Wilhelm Stepper-Tristis
Wilhelm Stepper-Tristis (born Wilhelm Stepper; his given name is also rendered as Vily, Vilmos or William; 3 September 1899 – ?) was an Austro-Hungarian, Hungarian and Romanian novelist, journali...
Matila Ghyka
Prince Matila Costiesco Ghyka, K.C.V.O., M.C. (born Matila Costiescu; September 13, 1881 – July 14, 1965), was a Romanian novelist, mathematician, historian, philosopher, diplomat and Plenipot...
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Neagu Djuvara
Neagu Djuvara ([ˈne̯aɡu d͡ʒjuˈvara]; born August 18, 1916) is a Romanian historian, essayist, philosopher, journalist, novelist and diplomat.
A native of Bucharest, he is descended from an aristoc...
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