10 Royal Mistresses Who Had Their Men By The Crown Jewels
Behind every man there’s a good woman, or so the saying goes. In the case of royalty, however, there were often a few bad girls as well. Royals were expect
Royal mistress - Scandalous Women in History of France and England
Music and other clip taken from The Tudors tv series. The most Infamous in France History are : 1. Yolande Martine Gabrielle de Polastron was considered one ...
Concubinage is an interpersonal relationship in which a person engages in an ongoing sexual relationship with another person to whom they are not or cannot be married. The inability to marry may be du...
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List of French royal mistresses
This page contains a listing of notable French royal mistresses.Clovis IChlothar ICharibert IChilperic IDagobert ICharlemagneLouis the PiousLouis the StammererCharles the SimpleCharles VCharles VIChar...
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Marguerite Morel
Marguerite Morel (Jeanne-Pierre-Marie-Marguerite Morel; 1737–1804) as married Marguerite Du Londel, was a French ballerina, and actress and opera singer. She was active in Sweden 1755–1771 and at that...
Jane Shore
Elizabeth "Jane" Shore (c.1445 – c.1527) was one of the many mistresses of King Edward IV of England, one of three whom he described as "the merriest, the wiliest, and the holiest harlots" in his real...
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Mathilde Kschessinska
Mathilda-Marie Feliksovna Kschessinskaya (Polish: Matylda Krzesińska, Russian: Матильда Феликсовна Кшесинская (31 August [O.S. 19 August] 1872 – 6 Decembe...
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Diana di Cordona
Diana di Cordona (1499 - after 1550) was an Italian noblewoman, who was mistress of Sigismund II Augustus and Cesare I Gonzaga who later in life went missing and was presumed to be dead in 1550.
Magda Lupescu
Elena Lupescu (15 September 1895 (?)in Iaşi (Jassy), Romania – 29 June 1977), better known as Magda Lupescu, was the mistress of King Carol II of Romania and later (after his abdication), his wife.
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