Jacob Makohin
Prince Leon Mazeppa von Razumovsky, born September 27, 1880, was a Russian nobleman and a pretender to the Hetmanship of the Ukraine. He claimed to be the sole surviving descendant of Count Kirill Gri...
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Michael Visaroff
Michael Visaroff (December 18, 1892 – February 27, 1951) was a Russian American film actor. He appeared in 113 films between 1925 and 1952. He was best known for his uncredited appearance in an ...
André Eglevsky
André Eglevsky (21 December 1917 – 4 December 1977) was a Russian-born ballet dancer and teacher who studied in France and, from 1932, danced with Colonel W. de Basil's Ballet Russe de ...
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Eduard Schmieder
Eduard Schmieder (born 2 May 1948 in Lviv, Soviet Union) is a violinist, teacher and conductor. He is a highly regarded violin pedagogue. Lord Yehudi Menuhin said, "Eduard Schmieder is one of the out...
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Semyon Bychkov (conductor)
Semyon Mayevich Bychkov (Russian: Семён Маевич Бычков, [sʲɪˈmʲɵn ˈmaɪvʲɪtɕ bɨtɕˈkof]; born November 30, 1952) is a Soviet-born conductor.
Born in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) to Jewish paren...
Abba Hillel Silver
Abba Hillel Silver (January 28, 1893 – November 28, 1963) was an American Rabbi and Zionist leader. He was a key figure in the mobilization of American support for the founding of the State of I...
Joseph Achron
Joseph Yulyevich Achron, also seen as Akhron (Russian: Иосиф Юльевич Ахрон) (May 13, 1886 – April 29, 1943) was a Russian composer and violinist of Jewish origin, who settled in the Uni...
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Philippe Quint
Philippe Quint (in Russian: Филипп Квинт, ) is a Russian-American classical violinist,chamber musician, andartistic director.
Quint, whose surname is of Italian origin, was born in St. Petersburg...
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Leonid Kinskey
Leonid Kinskey (18 April 1903 – 8 September 1998) was a Russian-born film and television actor who enjoyed a long career. Kinskey is best known for his role as Sascha in the film Casablanca (1942).
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Axel Sundquist
Axel Leohard Sundquist (May 26, 1867 - December 22, 1910) was a chief carpenter's mate serving in the United States Navy during the Spanish–American War who received the Medal of Honor for bravery.
Nina Selivanova
Nina Nikolaevna Selivanova (1886 – November 7, 1953) was a noted author, lecturer and translator.
She came to the United States from Imperial Russia by way from Japan after World War One. Ni...
Lev Gorn
Lev Gorn (born 1971 in Stavropol, USSR) is a Russian-American stage, film and television actor. Sometimes he is credited as Lev Gorens.
Vova and Olga Galchenko
Vladimir (born September 15, 1987), known as Vova, and Olga Galchenko (born July 31, 1990) are a brother and sister juggling team originally from Russia. They specialize in club juggling, particularly...
Sammy Berk
Sammy Berk (1894 - August 5, 1983), was a vaudeville entertainer at the beginning of the 20th century. He is best known for being part of a dancing duo, Berk & Saun, with his wife, Juanita Saun.
Morris Childs
Morris H. Childs (born Moishe Chilovsky, 1902–1991) was an American political activist and American Communist Party functionary who became a Soviet espionage agent (1929) and then a double agent for t...
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Michael Cores
Michael Cores (1885 – June 12, 1934) was a violist.Born in Kiev when it was part of the Russian Empire, Cores earned a Doctor of Natural Science degree from Kiev University and a doctorate from the Un...
Alexey Brodovitch
Alexey Cheslavovich Brodovitch (also Brodovich; Russian: Алексей Чеславович Бродович; 1898 – April 15, 1971) was a Russian-born photographer, designer and instructor who is most famous f...
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Michael Kuchmiak
Michael Kuchmiak, C.Ss.R. (February 5, 1923 in Obertyn, Ukraine – August 26, 2008 in Saskatoon, Canada) was a bishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and titular bishop of Agathopolis since 1988...
Sofia Panina
Countess Sofia Vladimirovna Panina (1871–1956) was Vice Minister of State Welfare and Vice Minister of Education in the Provisional Government following the Russian February Revolution, 1917.
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Gregory Gaye
Gregory Gaye (October 10, 1900 – August 23, 1993) was a Russian-American actor. The son of an actor, he was born Gregory De Gay in St. Petersburg, Russia.He was a cadet in the Russian navy and began h...
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Viktor Chernov
Viktor Mikhailovich Chernov (Russian: Ви́ктор Миха́йлович Черно́в; December 7, 1873 — April 15, 1952) was a Russian revolutionary and one of the founders of the Russian Socialist-Revolutionary Par...
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