Water (2006 film)
«Water» (Rus. «Вода»), also released as «Great Mystery of Water» (Rus. «Великая тайна воды») is a 2006 documentary television film directed by Anastaysia Popova about the memory of water. The film was...
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Children of the Arbat (serial)
Children of the Arbat (Russian: Дети Арбата) is a 16-part television serial based on the Children of the Arbat trilogy by Anatoly Rybakov. It aired on the Channel One network in Russia in 2004.The...
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Balakirev the Buffoon
Balakirev The Buffoon is a 2002 Russian televised version of 1999 Lenkom theatrical presentation, written by Grigori Gorin.Genre – Tragic comedy. Produced by KinoMost and Winburgh Holdings Ltd. Runtim...
Sekunda do
' "Second before … '" is a Russian-Ukrainian, mistique-fantastic TV-series from 2007.
Six absolutely different people appear in a strange place. Player Gleb who has lost everything that had, inclu...
Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro
Crazy Day or The Marriage of Figaro (Russian: Безумный день, или женитьба Фигаро) is a modern comedy musical staged by Russian and Ukrainian television channels NTV and Inter under direction of S...
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Dandelion Wine (film)
Dandelion Wine is a 1997 Russian TV film based on the book of the same name by Ray Bradbury.It's the last film of Innokenti Smoktunovsky, released after his death.
Azazel (film)
Azazel (2002) (Russian: Азазель) is a Russian made for TV adaptation of Boris Akunin's introductory 'Erast Fandorin' novel The Winter Queen.
This historical detective story features a young p...
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