Telecommunications in Vietnam
Communications in Vietnam include the use of telephones, radio, television and Internet.
Vietnam is putting considerable effort into modernization and expansion of its telecommunication system, bu...
Yahoo! 360°
Yahoo! 360° was a social networking and personal communication portal operated by Yahoo! made available in 2005. It enabled users to create personal web sites, share photos from Yahoo! Photos, mainta...
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Nuclear energy in Vietnam
Nuclear Power Plants in Vietnam (view) Plants confirmed Plants tentativeVietnam has been considering to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes based on modern, verified technology since...
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Vietnam Internet Network Information Center
The Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) is the National Internet Registry in Vietnam that manages several aspects of Internet operations, including the allocation of IP addresses and A...
Hoàng Tụy
Hoàng Tụy (Xuân Đài village, Điện Bàn, 17 December 1927) is a prominent Vietnamese applied mathematician. He is considered one of two founders of mathematics in Vietnam, the other is Lê Văn Thiêm.
Trần Đại Nghĩa
Trần Đại Nghĩa (13 September 1913 – 9 August 1997) was a scientist, military engineer, and prominent figure in the defense industry of Vietnam. He was a Major-General and an Academician. He was ...
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Vietnam Standards
Vietnam Standards, abbreviated TCVN for the Vietnamese Tiêu chuẩn Việt Nam, are the national standards of Vietnam issued by the Vietnam Standard and Quality Institute, part of the Directorate for Stan...
VNDroid: Vietnamese Mobile Development Community is a Vietnamese-based mobile development community portal where mobile platform developers can share knowledge. The portal launched in December 2009.
Internet censorship in Vietnam
Internet censorship in Vietnam prevents access to websites critical of the Vietnamese government, expatriate political parties, and international human rights organizations, among others. Online polic...
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Vietnam Petroleum Institute
Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI) was established on May 22, 1978. It is based in Hanoi, with a branch in Ho Chi Minh City.The Institute's assigned functions and tasks are as follows:
Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (Vietnamese: ) is a large research institute in Vietnam. It was founded in 1975 as the Vietnam Academy of Science, and renamed the Vietnam Academy of Scie...
Vietnam Atomic Energy Commission
Vietnam Atomic Energy Commission (abbreviation VAEC) is an agency under The Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam government with mission of studying formulation of policies, strategies, plann...
Institut Pasteur in Ho Chi Minh City
The Institut Pasteur in Ho Chi Minh City is a Vietnamese national institute initially created by the French in 1891 under the name Pasteur Institute - Sai Gon, in 1975 renamed the Institute of Epidemi...
Institute of Hán-Nôm Studies
The Institute of Hán-Nôm Studies (Vietnamese: Viện nghiên cứu Hán Nôm; Hán Nôm: 院研究漢喃), or Hán-Nôm Institute (Vietnamese: Viện Hán Nôm, Hán Nôm: 院漢喃) in Hanoi, Vietnam is the main research cen...
Postal codes in Vietnam
The following table is a list of postal codes in Vietnam (6 digits).
Please edit - There is no postal code in Vietnam.
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