Sea anemone
Sea anemones are a group of water-dwelling, predatory animals of the order Actiniaria. They are named for the anemone, a terrestrial flower. Sea anemones are classified in the phylum Cnidaria, class A...
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Killer Sea Anemone attacks poor crab - YouTube
Dec 22, 2007 ... While out exploring the tide pools during a low tide, my dad found a little crab and wanted to see what a sea anemone would do with it.
Aggregating anemone
Anthopleura elegantissima, also known as the aggregating anemone or clonal anemone, is the most abundant species of sea anemone found on rocky, tide swept shores along the Pacific coast of North Amer...
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Beadlet anemone
The beadlet anemone, Actinia equina, is a common sea anemone found on rocky shores around all coasts of the United Kingdom. Its range extends to the rest of Western Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, a...
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Broad sea fan
Eunicella verrucosa, the broad sea fan, pink sea fan or warty gorgonian, is a species of colonial Gorgonian "soft coral" in the Gorgoniidae family. It is native to the northeastern Atlantic Ocean and ...
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Bubble-tip anemone
Entacmaea quadricolor, commonly called bubble-tip anemone among other vernacular names, is a species of sea anemone in the family Actiniidae. Like several anemone species, E. quadricolor can support s...
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Ivell's sea anemone
The Ivell's sea anemone (Edwardsia ivelli) is a species of invertebrate in the Edwardsiidae family. It is an endemic species of sea anemone known from only one site, Widewater Lagoon in West Sussex an...
Northern red anemone
The northern red anemone or dahlia anemone (Urticina felina) is a marine invertebrate found in the north Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Synonyms include Tealia crassicornis (Müller,...
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Orange-Striped Sea Anemone
The orange-striped green sea anemone has several morphotypes which have been described multiple times, and the currently accepted species name is Diadumene lineata.
This is a smaller species, meas...
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Snakelocks anemone
The snakelocks anemone (Anemonia viridis) is a sea anemone found in the eastern Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.The tentacles of anemones in deep or murky water can be a grey colour, but are o...
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Starlet sea anemone
The starlet sea anemone (Nematostella vectensis) is a species of small sea anemone in the family Edwardsiidae native to the east coast of the United States, with introduced populations along the coast...
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Strawberry anemone
The Strawberry anemone (Actinia fragacea) is an Anthozoan of the order Actiniaria, a sea anemone, that occurs from Norway to Africa, including adjacent islands (Azores, Canary Islands and Cape Verde) ...
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Venus flytrap sea anemone
The Venus flytrap sea anemone (Actinoscyphia aurelia) is a large sea anemone that superficially resembles a Venus flytrap. It closes its tentacles to capture prey or to protect itself. It is a deep s...
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The Actiniidae is the largest family of sea anemones, to which most common, temperate, shore species belong. Most members of this family do not participate in symbioses with fishes. Three exceptions a...
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Aliciidae is a family of sea anemones, comprising the following genera:
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Edwardsiidae is a family of sea anemones. Edwardsiids have long thin bodies and live buried in sediments or in holes or crevices in rock.
Hormathiidae is a family of sea anemones in the class Anthozoa.
Genera in this family include:
Sagartiidae is a family of sea anemones.
Genera in the family include:
Stichodactylidae is a family sea anemones that contains the genera Stichodactyla (carpet anemones) and Heteractis. These sea anemones are exclusively tropical and are in the main family of sea anemon...
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Alicia mirabilis
Alicia mirabilis (commonly known as Berried Anemone) is a sea anemone species in the genus Alicia which can be found in such countries as Azores, Portugal, Spain and such seas as Mediterranean and Red...
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Gregoria fenestrata
Gregoria fenestrata is the only member species of sea anemones in the genus Gregoria.
Brooding anemone
The brooding anemone, Halianthella annularis, is a species of sea anemone in the family Halcampidae,.
The brooding anemone is a pale, fragile-looking anemone, having 24 long, transparent tentacles...
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Halianthella is a small genus of sea anemones in the family Halcampidae.
Species in the genus include:
Aiptasia is a genus of a symbiotic cnidarian belonging to the class Anthozoa (sea anemones, corals). Aiptasia is a widely distributed genus of temperate and tropical sea anemones of benthic lifestyle ...
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Adamsia is a genus of sea anemones in the family Hormathiidae. Species in this genus are mutually symbiotic with hermit crabs. The anemone gets a place to live and discarded scraps of the crab's food ...
Calliactis polypus
Calliactis polypus is a species of sea anemone in the family Hormathiidae. It is usually found living on the surface of a sea snail shell in which a hermit crab is living.
C. polypus can grow up t...