Seventeen Provinces
The Seventeen Provinces was a term applied to the Imperial states of the Habsburg Netherlands in the 15th and 16th century. They roughly covered the Low Countries, i.e. the current Netherlands, Belgiu...
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Luxembourg Wants To Mine Asteroids For Minerals With The Help Of Google's Larry Page
Luxemburger Wort, one of the country's newspapers, reported that Etienne Schneider, Luxembourg's deputy prime minister and minister of the economy, said the government would work with one of the world...
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Come on a photo tour of beautiful Mechelen in Flanders, Belgium.
Seventeen Provinces - 1555 map
Map of the Seventeen Provinces (1555)
Flemish Baroque painting
the love of art rubens.
Burgundian Circle
The Burgundian Circle (German: Burgundische Kreis, Dutch: Bourgondische Kreits, French: Cercle de Bourgogne) was an Imperial Circle of the Holy Roman Empire created in 1512 and significant...
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Pragmatic Sanction of 1549
The Pragmatic Sanction of 1549 was an edict, promulgated by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, reorganizing the Seventeen Provinces.It was his plan to centralize the administrative units of Holy Roman Emp...
County of Artois
The County of Artois (French: comté d'Artois, Dutch: graafschap Artesië) was an historic province of the Kingdom of France, held by the Dukes of Burgundy from 1384 until 1477/82, and a state o...
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County of Flanders
The County of Flanders (Dutch: Graafschap Vlaanderen, French: Comté de Flandre) was a historic territory in the Low Countries. From 862 onwards the Counts of Flanders were one of the original ...
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Lordship of Mechelen
The Lordship of Mechelen was until 1795 a small independent Lordship in the Low Countries, consisting of the city of Mechelen and some surrounding villages. In the early Middle Ages, it was part of th...
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County of Namur
Namur (Dutch: Namen) was a county of the Carolingian and later Holy Roman Empire in the Low Countries. Its territories largely correspond with the present-day Belgian arrondissement Namur plus the...
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County of Hainaut
The County of Hainaut (French: Comté de Hainaut, Dutch: Graafschap Henegouwen; German: Grafschaft Hennegau), sometimes given the archaic spelling Hainault, was a historical lordship withi...
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County of Zeeland
The County of Zeeland was a county of the Holy Roman Empire in the Low Countries. It covered an area in the Scheldt and Meuse delta roughly corresponding to the modern Dutch province of Zeeland. The C...
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County of Holland
The County of Holland was a State of the Holy Roman Empire and from 1482 till 1581 part of the Habsburg Netherlands. From 1581 onward, Holland was the leading province of the Dutch Republic, of which ...
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Duchy of Brabant
The Duchy of Brabant was a State of the Holy Roman Empire established in 1183. It developed from the Landgraviate of Brabant and formed the heart of the historic Low Countries, part of the Burgundian ...
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Duchy of Limburg
The Duchy of Limburg or Limbourg was a state of the Holy Roman Empire. Its main territory including the capital Limbourg is today located within the Belgian province of Liège, with a small part in the...
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Duchy of Luxembourg
The Duchy of Luxembourg (Luxembourgish: Lëtzebuerg, German: Luxemburg) was a state of the Holy Roman Empire, the ancestral homeland of the noble House of Luxembourg. The House of Luxemburg, no...
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Lordship of Utrecht
The Lordship of Utrecht was formed in 1528 when Charles V of Habsburg conquered the Bishopric of Utrecht, during the Guelderian Wars.In 1528, at the demand of Henry of the Palatinate, Prince-Bishop of...
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Lordship of Frisia
The Lordship of Frisia or Lordship of Friesland (Dutch: Heerlijkheid Friesland) was a feudal dominion in the Netherlands. It was formed in 1524 when Emperor Charles V finally conquered Frisia.
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Duchy of Guelders
Guelders or Gueldres (Dutch: Gelre, German: Geldern) is a historical county, later duchy of the Holy Roman Empire, located in the Low Countries.
The duchy was named after the town of Geldern (Geld...
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Lordship of Groningen
The Lordship of Groningen (Dutch: Heerlijkheid Groningen) was a lordship under the rule of the House of Habsburg between 1536 and 1594, which is the present-day province of Groningen.
A distin...
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Lordship of Overijssel
The Lordship of Overijssel or Overissel (Latin: Transisalania) is a former division of the Netherlands named for its position along the river Issel.The lordship was formed in 1528 when Charles V of Ha...
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County of Zutphen
The County of Zutphen, located in modern-day Gelderland, a province of the Netherlands, was formed in the eleventh century as a fief of the Bishop of Utrecht. It was ruled by the Counts of Zutphen bet...
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List of Governors of the Habsburg Netherlands
The Governor (Dutch: Landvoogd) or Governor-General (Gouverneur-Generaal) ruled the Habsburg Netherlands as a representative of the Counts of Burgundy (until 1549), the Kings of Castile (1556-1706...
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Drenthe ([ˈdrɛntə]) is a province of the Netherlands, located in the northeast of the country. It is bordered by Overijssel to the south, Friesland to the west, Groningen to the north, and Germany (di...
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Eighty Years' War
The Eighty Years' War, or Dutch War of Independence (1568–1648), began as a revolt of the Seventeen Provinces against the political and religious hegemony of Philip II of Spain, the sovereign of the H...
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Friesland ([ˈfrislɑnt]; West Frisian: Fryslân [ˈfrislɔ̃ːn]) or Frisia is a province in the northwest of the Netherlands. It is situated west of Groningen, northwest of Drenthe and Overijssel, nort...
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