LumiDolls to open first sex robot brothel in UK
A BROTHEL where men can fulfil their “wildest fantasies” with sex...
No more naked women in print Playboy
Times have changed at Playboy.Starting next year, the publication long known for showcasing the female physique will no longer feature models in the nude, according to a report in The New York Times
The Playboy centrefold at the centre of computer science
Is it appropriate that a Playboy centrefold from 1972 is still being used as a standard test image in image processing circles?
Playboy Pinups on Meeting the Male Gaze
Models from Miss March 1954 to Miss January 1979 share what’s empowering about being ogled.
The sequel to my first Centerfold video. Jean-Michel Jarre reprises with Oxygene Part 2.
A brothel is a place where people may come to engage in sexual activity with a prostitute, sometimes referred to as a sex worker. Technically, any premises where prostitution commonly takes place qual...
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Playboy is an American men's lifestyle magazine that features photographs of nude women as well as journalism and fiction. It was founded in Chicago in 1953 by Hugh Hefner and his associates, and fund...
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Pornographic magazine
Pornographic magazines, sometimes known as adult, sex or top-shelf magazines, are magazines that contain content of an explicitly sexual nature. Publications of this kind may contain images of attract...
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Sex shop
A sex shop, adult shop or erotic shop is a retailer that sells products related to adult sexual or erotic entertainment, such as vibrators, lingerie, clothing, pornography, and other related products....
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Filth (TV channel)
Filth is a soft porn television channel broadcasting in the United Kingdom and Ireland, owned by Red Hot TV. The channel is available on Satellite, Cable, IPTV and Freeview platforms.
Dorcel TV
Dorcel TV is a subscription based pay-TV adult entertainment television channel distributed throughout Europe via digital cable and satellite television. It is owned by Marc Dorcel. Its content is sam...
Sex club
Sex clubs also known as swinger clubs or lifestyle clubs, are formal or informal groups that organize sex-related activities or establishments where patrons can engage in sex acts with other patrons. ...
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Liberator shapes
Liberator Shapes are adult pillows used for sexual positioning. Founded in 2001, Liberator Inc., also known as OneUp Innovations, operates out of their 135,000-square-foot (12,500 m) factory in A...
Playboy Collectors' Figure Series
Playboy Collectors' Figures are a series of dolls modeled after popular Playboy Playmates. Generally known as Playboy Dolls, the first doll was launched at the International Toy Fair in New York in 2...
Dusk! is a premium monthly subscription television channel. Established in 2009, Dusk! is the first and only adult TV channel in the world aimed at a female audience. Demand for female-oriented adult ...
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LA Direct Models
LA Direct Models was formed in 2000 by pornographic actor Derek Hay, initially as a London-based agency that booked adult work in the United States for British females. The following year, once demand...
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Sportsheets International, Inc.
Sportsheets International, Inc., nicknamed Sportsheets (after its first product), is an international sex toy manufacturer headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, United States. The company was...
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Vibratex is a manufacturer of sex toys, headquartered in Vallejo, California. Founded in the early 1980s, Vibratex has since been featured in Glamour magazine, The Naughty Bag, and O, The Oprah Magazi...
Good Vibrations (sex shop)
Good Vibrations is an award winning sex-positive San Francisco-based corporation selling sex toys and other erotic products. It operates eight retail stores (seven in the San Francisco Bay Area, and o...
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Emperors Club VIP
Emperors Club VIP was an international escort agency based in New York City, founded in 2004 by Mark Brener and Cecil Suwal and operated from the bank accounts of QAT Consulting Group, Inc., and QAT ...
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