Scuderia Scribante
Neville Lederle, Scuderia Scribante and Lucky Strike Racing were names used by the same South African F1 entrant. First cars were entered by Neville Lederle and later by Alex Blignaut.
LDS (automobile)
LDS is the name given to various single seater racing specials built for the South African Formula One Championship. The "specials" were built by Louis Douglas Serrurier, hence the name. The Mark 1 an...
LDS (automobile) - Wikipedia
Team Gunston
Team Gunston was a name used by Rhodesian racing driver John Love to enter his own cars in Formula One and sports car racing between 1962 and 1975. He also entered cars under his own name, i.e. John L...
A1 Team South Africa
A1 Team South Africa is the South African team of A1 Grand Prix, an international racing series.
A1 Team South Africa owner is Tokyo Sexwale. The Chief Executive Officer of the team is Dana Cooper...