South Asian Games
The South Asian Games (SAF Games, SAG, or SA games, & formerly known as South Asian Federation Games) are a bi-annual multi-sport event held among the athletes from South Asia. The governing bod...
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2006 South Asian Games
The 2006 South Asian Games (also known as 2006 SAF Games or 10th SAF Games) were held in Colombo, Sri Lanka from August 18 to August 28, 2006 in the Sugathadasa Stadium with more than 2000 sportsperso...
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2010 South Asian Games
The 2010 South Asian Games, officially the XI South Asian Games, was a major multi-sport event that took place from 29 January to 8 February 2010 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This was the third time that the...
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1987 South Asian Games
The 1987 South Asian Games, officially the 3rd South Asian Federation Games were a multi-sport event, held in Kolkata, India in 1987. It was the largest sporting event ever to be held in Kolkata, and ...
2004 South Asian Games
The 2004 South Asian Games(or 9th SAF Games) were held in Islamabad, Pakistan in 2004. Originally scheduled for 2001, these games were postponed in the wake of the 9/11 attacks on the United States in...
1985 South Asian Games
The 1985 South Asian Games (or 2nd SAF Games) were held in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1985.
A total of 7 countries participated in the 1985 South Asian Games.
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Athletics at the 2004 South Asian Games
At the 2004 South Asian Games, the athletics events were held at the Jinnah Stadium in Islamabad, Pakistan from 2 April to 6 April 2004. A total of 32 events were contested, of which 19 by male and 13...
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Football at the South Asian Games
Football has been a sport at the South Asian Games since it commenced in 1984.
1995 South Asian Games
The 1995 South Asian Games (or 7th SAF Games) were held in Madras, India in 1995.
South Asia Olympic Council
The South Asia Olympic Council (formerly known as South Asian Sports Federation,established 1981) is the governing body of South Asian Games. Member nations include South Asian countries: Bangladesh, ...