Spaced repetition
Spaced repetition is a learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review of previously learned material in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect. ...
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Rosetta Stone (software)
Rosetta Stone Language Learning is proprietary computer-assisted language learning (CALL) software published by Rosetta Stone Inc. The software uses images, text, sound, and video to teach words and g...
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NihongoUp was an Adobe AIR desktop Japanese educational game and reviewing tool. The program featured several game modes which allowed the player to improve his kana typing and reading speed, review J...
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Memrise is an online learning tool with courses created by its community. Its courses are mainly used to teach languages, but are also used for other academic and nonacademic subjects. Memrise uses f...
CoboCards is a web application for creation, study and sharing of flashcards. They also provide mobile application for Android and iOS mobile devices, to help study of flashcards on the move.Based on ...
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Cram (software)
Cram is an application for Apple's OS X and iOS developed by Patrick Chukwura and Ashli Norton of SimpleLeap Software.The software is a flashcard application which allows users to prepare for various ...
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Anki (software)
Anki is a spaced repetition flashcard program, similar to SuperMemo, a commercial product for the same purpose. Anki (暗記) is the Japanese word for memorization.The SM2 algorithm, created for SuperMemo...
Anki (software) - Wikipedia (formerly iKnow!) was a social learning- and community website created by Cerego Japan, Inc. The website used spaced repetition algorithms (SRS) to assist users in committing facts to long te... - Wikipedia
OpenCards is a free spaced repetition flashcard program. The software is similar to SuperMemo, Anki or Mnemosyne.The flashcards are saved as PowerPoint presentation files and may include text, images,...
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List of flashcard software
This page contains a list of flashcard software. Flashcards are widely used as a learning drill to aid memorization by way of spaced repetition.
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SuperMemo (from "Super Memory") is a learning method and software package developed by SuperMemo World and SuperMemo R&D with Piotr Woźniak in Poland from 1985 to the present. It is based on resea...
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Mnemosyne (software)
Mnemosyne (named for the Greek goddess of memory, Mnemosyne) is a line of spaced repetition software developed from 2003 until the present.
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