Dreams of Dali: 360º Video
Go inside and beyond Dali’s painting Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet’s Angelus and explore the world of the Surrealist master like never before in this mesmerizing 360° video. For an even more i...
Dalí - The painter who entered the fourth dimension
A 1954 painting by Salvador Dalí features a mysterious, four-dimensional ‘hypercube’. Fiona Macdonald finds out how maths fascinated the great Spanish painter.
How Nietzsche Inspired Dalí
“Even in the matter of moustaches I was going to surpass Nietzsche! Mine would not be depressing, catastrophic, burdened by Wagnerian music and mist. No! It would be line-thin, imperialistic, ultra-ra...
Walt Disney's & Salvador Dali - Destino 2003 (HD 1080p)
The film tells the story of Chronos, the personification of time and the inability to realize his desire to love for a mortal. The scenes blend a series of surreal paintings of Dali with dancing and m...
10 paintings with hidden meanings
After revelations that an artist hid a Monica Lewinsky reference in an official portrait of Bill Clinton, Mark Hudson lists 10 more paintings with secrets
Spanish brothers scammed when attempted Goya art con backfires
Incredibly they took 1.7 million Swiss francs in photocopied bills
Salvador Dalí Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works
Artworks and analysis: Salvador Dali's flamboyant personality is as unforgettable as his undeniable technical virtuosity best displayed in his hyper-realistic style and religious symbolism.
Salvador Dalí Illustrates Alice in Wonderland, 1969
What the Mad Hatter has to do with one of the most inspired collaborations in Western culture.
Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali creativity and imagination, a world of confusion and beauty. An amazing vision of life.
El Greco
No painter before or since has captured the mystery of the spiritual world like the painter El Greco. His unique style of painting developed in Toledo, Spain...
Narciso Yepes
6. Trio Yepes featuring Narciso on the guitar and Ana dancing part of her Espanola Suite. Recording : Palau de Barcelona, June 14th 1991.
El Greco - The Movie
The extended second trailer of the movie El Greco. Music: Vangelis (Chariots of Fire,Blade Runner) Costume Design: Lala Huete (Pan's Labyrinth) Cinematogra...
Francisco Franco
A Tribute to Francisco Franco GENERALÍSIMO DE LOS EJÉRCITOS DE TIERRA MAR Y AIRE Head of State of Spain.
The Mozarabs (Spanish: mozárabes [moˈθaɾaβes]; Portuguese: moçárabes [muˈsaɾɐβɨʃ]; Catalan: mossàrabs [muˈsaɾəps]; Arabic: مستعرب‎ trans. musta'rab, "Arabized") were Iberian Chri...
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