Wisconsin Fishing Records
This is an informal list of the Wisconsin state record fish up to this date.
List of television films produced for ESPN
This is a list of television films produced for ESPN, a sports cable channel.
Jack Churchill
Lieutenant Colonel John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming "Jack" Churchill, DSO & Bar, MC & Bar (16 September 1906 – 8 March 1996), nicknamed Fighting Jack Churchill and Mad Jack, was a British soldier ...
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List of Olympic medalists in polo
Polo is among those contested at the Summer Olympic Games, and was held five times between 1900 and 1936. Equine events began at the Olympics in 1900, when competitions in polo and other equestrian ev...
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List of sumo record holders
This is a list of records held by wrestlers of professional sumo. Only performances in official tournaments or honbasho are included here. Since 1958 six honbasho have been held every year, giving wre...
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List of Super Rugby champions
Super Rugby is the major professional rugby union competition in the Southern Hemisphere. The competition began as Super 12 in 1996, consisting of 12 teams from Australia, South Africa and New Zealan...
Seattle Sockeye
Seattle Sockeye is an elite-level men's (open) ultimate (flying disc) team based in Seattle, Washington. They were the open champions at the 2004, 2006 and 2007 USA Club Championships, and the 1997 WF...
List of hurling managers
This is a list of hurling managers. It includes managers currently managing a county team in all levels in order of the date of their appointment.
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List of Ultimate teams
A list of active club Ultimate teams competing in the USA Ultimate club championship series in the United States and Canada or other national and international series, sorted by regional boundaries, a...
Mount Hood climbing accidents
Mount Hood climbing accidents are mountain climbing- or hiking-related incidents on Oregon's Mount Hood. As of 2007, about 10,000 people attempt to climb Mount Hood each year. As of May 2002, more t...
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List of official Rugby League organisations
This is a list of organisations responsible for the governing of the sport of rugby league.
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List of stripped Olympic medals
Following is a list of stripped Olympic medals. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the governing body that can rule when athletes are in violation of rules in the Olympic Games. The IOC can ...
List of Reynard Motorsport cars
This is a list of cars produced by Reynard Motorsports.
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List of defunct professional sports leagues
These are notable sports leagues which are no longer operating.
Taishi Ci
Taishi Ci (166–206), courtesy name Ziyi, was a military general who lived in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. He served under various warlords, including Liu Yao, Sun Ce and Sun Quan.
Taishi Ci was b...
Howard Hill
Howard Hill (November 13, 1899 - February 4, 1975) was an archer who was unofficially referred to as the "World's Greatest Archer". He is the only person to win 196 archery field tournaments in succes...
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