State commonly refers to either the condition of a system or entity, or to a governed entity (such as a country) or subentity (such as an autonomous territory of a country).
States of Austria
Austria is a federal republic made up of nine states, known in German as Länder (singular Land). Since Land is also the German word for "country", the term Bundesländer ("federation states"; singular ...
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States of Brazil
The Federal Republic of Brazil is a union of twenty-seven Federal Units (Portuguese: Unidades Federativas (UF)): twenty-six states (estados) and one federal district (distrito federal), where the ...
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Administrative divisions of Burma
Burma (also known as Myanmar) is divided into twenty-one administrative subdivisions, which includeThe regions were called divisions prior to August 2010, and five of them are named after their capita...
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States of Germany
Germany is made up of sixteen states, known as Bundesländer (singular Bundesland) or Länder (singular Land). Since Germany has a federal constitution, the constituent states retain a measure of sover...
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States of Mexico
The United Mexican States (Spanish: Estados Unidos Mexicanos) is a federal republic composed of 32 federal entities: 31 states and one "federal district" (Mexico City).According to the Constitutio...
U.S. state
A state of the United States of America is one of the 50 constituent political entities that shares its sovereignty with the United States federal government. Due to the shared sovereignty between eac...
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States of Venezuela
Venezuela is divided into 23 states (estados), 1 Capital District (Distrito Capital) and the Federal Dependencies (Dependencias Federales) that consist of a large number of Venezuelan islands. Venezue...
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List of German states by GDP
The article is about GDP of German states in main Fiscal years, all figures are from Federal Statistical Office of Germany. Calculating GDP of German states is based on EUR€, for easy comparison, all ...
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Federated state
A federated state (which may be referred to as a state, a province, a canton, a Land, etc.) is a territorial and constitutional community forming part of a federal union (federation). Such states diff...
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Self-administered zone
Self-administered zone is a designation for a country subdivision in Burma.There are five Self-Administered Zones and one Self-Administered Division.
Coats of arms of German states
These are the coats of arms of the states (Länder) of the Federal Republic of Germany.
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Federal Dependencies of Venezuela
The Federal Dependencies of Venezuela (Spanish Dependencias Federales de Venezuela) encompass most of Venezuela's off shore islands in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Venezuela, excluding those isla...
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Württemberg-Hohenzollern was a West German state created in 1945 as part of the French post-World War II occupation zone. Its capital was Tübingen. In 1952, it was merged into the newly founded state ...
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Lower Austria
Lower Austria (German:  Niederösterreich ; Czech: Dolní Rakousy; Slovak: Dolné Rakúsko) is the northeasternmost state of the nine states in Austria. The capital of Lower Austria sinc...
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Jalisco (/həˈlɪskoʊ/; [xaˈlisko]), officially Free and Sovereign State of Jalisco (Spanish: Estado Libre y Soberano de Jalisco [esˈtaðo ˈliβɾe i soβeˈɾano ðe xaˈlisko]), is one of the 31 states wh...
Sonora ([soˈnoɾa]), officially Free and Sovereign State of Sonora (Spanish: Estado Libre y Soberano de Sonora), is one of 31 states that, with the Federal District, comprise the 32 federal entitie...
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List of states and territories of the United States
The United States of America is a federal republic consisting of 50 states, one federal district (Washington, D.C.), and one incorporated territory (Palmyra Atoll). States are the primary subdivisions...
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Mon State
Mon State (Burmese: မွန်ပြည်နယ်, [mʊ̀ɴ pjìnɛ̀]; Mon: တွဵုရးဍုၚ်မန်၊ ရးမညဒေသ) is an administrative division of Myanmar (Burma). It is sandwiched between Kayin State on the east, the Andaman Se...
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Kachin State
Kachin State (Burmese: ကချင်ပြည်နယ်, [kətɕʰɪ̀ɴ pjìnɛ̀]; Kachin: Jingphaw Mungdaw), is the northernmost state of Burma. It is bordered by China to the north and east; Shan State to the south; and S...
Territorial evolution of Mexico
Mexico has experienced many changes in territorial organization during its history as an independent state. The territorial boundaries of Mexico were affected by presidential and imperial decrees. One...
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