Stockholm (/ˈstɒkhoʊm, -hoʊlm/; [ˈstɔkːˈɔlm, ˈstɔkˈhɔlm] ) is the capital of Sweden and the most populous city in the Nordic region, with 911 989 people living in the municipality, approximately 1.4 m...
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Stockholm attack suspect was refused residency
The Stockholm truck attack suspect had been facing deportation, Swedish police say.
Stockholm- Truck Rams Crowds Killing Several People-Officials Call It Act Of Terror.
A lorry has driven into a store in central Stockholm, killing at least two people, Swedish police say. Earlier media reports said three people had been kille...
BBC Capital - The best city for working families?
Nestled on 14 islands, two thirds of Stockholm is made up of either water or parks. And locals make it a priority to enjoy these serene surroundings. A haven for hipsters, Stockholm also boasts what V...
Stockholm: Absolut Art
We last left you upon our departure from the epic and wintery Ice Hotel in Kiruna, Sweden. Next stop, Stockholm, to get a glimpse at the art and design behind Absolut. We landed in Stockholm very ver...
History of Stockholm
The history of Stockholm, capital of Sweden, for many centuries coincided with the development of what is today known as Gamla stan, the Stockholm Old Town. Parts of this article, as a consequence, t...
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Geography of Stockholm
The City of Stockholm is situated on fourteen islands and on the banks to the archipelago where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea. The city centre is virtually situated on the water.
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Architecture in Stockholm
Architecture in Stockholm has a history that dates back to the 13th century, possibly even earlier. The buildings in Stockholm are characterized by its unique location between Lake Mälaren and the Bal...
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Culture in Stockholm
Apart from being a large city with an active cultural life, Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, houses many national cultural institutions. There are two UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Stockholm Cou...
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Public transport in Stockholm
Public transport in Stockholm consists of bus, metro, regional/suburban rail, light rail, tram and archipelago boat operation in Stockholm County, Sweden. The bus and rail is organized by Storstockhol...
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Stockholm Municipality
Stockholm Municipality or the City of Stockholm (Swedish: Stockholms kommun or Stockholms stad) is a municipality in Stockholm County in east central Sweden. It has the largest population of the 290 m...
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Education in Stockholm
Education in Stockholm goes back to 1583, when the small college Collegium Regium Stockholmense was founded in by King John III in Stockholm, Sweden.
Ten years after the opening of Collegium Regiu...
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 Vädersolstavlan  (Swedish for "The Sun Dog Painting") is an oil-on-panel painting depicting a halo display, an atmospheric optical phenomenon, observed over Stockholm on April 20, 1535. It ...
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Stockholm Japan Expo
The Stockholm Japan Expo is an annual expo held in Gullmarsplan in Stockholm to showcase Japanese culture and arts. The three-day event typically runs through the last (usually fourth) Friday of the m...