Street performance
Street performance or busking is the practice of performing in public places, for gratuities. In many countries the rewards are generally in the form of money but other gratuities such as food, drink ...
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Michael Moschen performs "The Triangle"
Michael Moschen, one of the most talented jugglers on the planet, puts his mind on the subject. He carefully crafts amazing works of true art by thinking outside the box - and inside a triangle.
13-year-old mind-boggling Rubik's Cube juggling record
13-year-old Que Jianyu from Fujian in China trained for two years before attempting this mind-boggling Rubik's Cube juggling record on the stage of Zhejiang TV's show, iDream
Coral Jade: LED Hula Hoop Street Performance
LED hula hoop performance for Redbull TV in Southbank, Melbourne - a few months ago I did some filming for Redbull TV along with a bunch of other talented st...
The REAL Lord of the Ring - Mesmerizing Street Performer!
Taiwan's famous street performer Isaac Hou blows our minds with his amazing cyr wheel performance.
The Conditioned
Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho was homeless in São Paulo, Brazil, for nearly 35 years, and became locally known for sitting in the same spot and writing every day.…
Monocled Cobra
The monocled cobra (Naja kaouthia) is a deadly venomous cobra species widespread across South and Southeast Asia
This Republican Mayor Has An Incredibly Simple Idea To Help The Homeless. And It Seems To Be Working.
"Someone believed in them today." Republican Mayor Richard Berry was driving around Albuquerque last year when he saw a man on a street corner holding a sign that read: “Want a Job. Anything Helps.”
Goals And Smiles As Glasgow Hosts The 2016 Homeless World Cup
A specially built city centre football arena has been treated to a tournament of rain, sun, goals and smiles as Glasgow hosts the 14th Homeless World Cup.
Colorado City To Use $1.5 Million From Pot Tax To Help Homeless
Aurora, Colorado’s third largest city, recently announced how it will use $1.5 million generated from a tax on recreational pot to supporting homeless people, the Aurora Sentinel reported.
Hawaii Governor Declares Homelessness 'State Of Emergency'
The state saw a 23 percent increase in its homeless population between 2014 and 2015. Hawaii Gov. David Ige has declared a state of emergency to deal with the state's homelessness crisis just days aft...
The Hypnotizing Art Of Contact Juggling
This dude is a straight up wizard and his contact juggling skills are totally hypnotizing.
List of well-known busking locations
This is a list of locations where busking is known to happen on a regular basis.
Busking (U.S. case law)
In the United States there have been numerous legal cases about regulations and laws that have decided the rights of buskers to perform in public. Most of these laws and regulations have been found to...
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Street magic
Street magic falls into two genres; traditional street performance and guerrilla magic.
The first definition of street magic refers to a traditional form of magic performance - that of busking. I...
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World Famous Bushman
David Johnson, also known as the World Famous Bushman, is an American street performer who has been scaring passers-by along Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco since 1980. Johnson hides motionless b...
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