In sociology and cultural studies, a subculture is a group of people within a culture that differentiates itself from the larger culture to which it belongs.
While exact definitions vary, the Oxfo...
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Kimono Wedding Dress Is a Stunning and Easy DIY for Japanese Nuptials
Japanese brides are fusing tradition with Western-style nuptials. One way they're doing it? By turning their kimonos into a kimono wedding dress.
Are Native Americans Offended By Cultural Appropriation?
Will Witt visited the Navajo Nation to find out what American Indians really believe about cultural appropriation. Check it out! Follow Will Witt on social media: @thewillwitt
Experts say the 'Baltic Sea UFO' contains metals that nature can not reproduce, video
Experts say the 'Baltic Sea UFO' contains metals that nature can not reproduce, video BTS Prolog by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
What to Do If You're Abducted by Aliens, According to Michio Kaku
When you're a physicist and futurist who makes his living talking about extraterrestrial civilizations, you're bound to run into people who don't exactly ...
UFO Contact Documentary
Everything About UFOs In One Video!!!
5 ‘aliens’ discovered near Nazca lines in Peru - Ufologist (VIDEO, POLL)
During a press conference entitled "The mummies of Nazca" in Lima, Peru, UFO enthusiasts and journalists discussed the alleged discovery of alien remains near the Nazca lines of Peru.
UW-Madison students support freedom for Muslim singers. What about Christian photographers?
Everyone agreed that a creative professional should have the foundational freedom to decline work that conflicts with their conscience or beliefs.
12 Dead And Dozens Shot In Chicago Bloody Christmas Weekend
Chicago's citywide crime wave didn't slow down during the holiday weekend. City police investigated 27 shooting incidents this Christmas weekend, 12 of which...
Incredible Images Capture Lives Of People Who Chose To Live Off The Grid
If you’re reading this, you’re probably living on the grid; like me you buy packaged food someone else grew most of the time, you pay rent or a mortgage, you have a car payment or a loan payment or so...
These Tiny Steampunk Sculptures Made Of Old Watches Are Spectacular
Sue Beatrice, a New Jersey-based artist and owner of All Natural Arts, has an uncanny talent. She can create spectacularly intricate steampunk sculptures of old watches. Her creates are made completel...
Seinfeld - The Full Story Of Festivus [HD]
The Strike Festivus, a well-celebrated parody, has become a secular holiday celebrated on December 23 that serves as an alternative to participating in the p...
Foodie Subcultures That Are Taking It To The Next Level
It's easier than ever to follow your taste buds online. Whatever your culinary interests may be, Google+ Communities can help you connect with people who are into the stuff you love.
The Congo Dandies: living in poverty and spending a fortune to look like a million dollars
“La Sape” is a unique movement based in Congo that unites fashion-conscious men who are ready to splurge money they don’t really have on designer clothes. Dressing in stark contrast with their surroun...
Moon Ribas - The woman cyborg who can feel every earthquake in the world
When Moon Ribas performs, anticipation hangs heavy throughout the space. Dressed in all white, Ribas stands motionless with eyes closed as Brian Eno’s Lux fills the air. Suddenly, she gasps and convul...
Body modification
Body modification (or body alteration) is the deliberate altering of the human anatomy or human physical appearance. It is often done for aesthetics, sexual enhancement, rites of passage, religious be...
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A counterculture (also written counter-culture) is a subculture whose values and norms of behavior differ substantially from those of mainstream society, often in opposition to mainstream cultural mor...
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A gang is a group of recurrently associating individuals or close friends or family with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in a com...
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Hippie (or hippy) subculture was originally a youth movement that emerged in the United States during the mid-1960s and spread to other countries around the world. The word 'hippie' came from hipster,...
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New Age
The New Age movement is a religious or spiritual movement that developed in Western nations during the 1970s. Precise scholarly definitions of the movement differ in their emphasis, largely as a resul...
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Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures
Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures are subcultures and communities composed of people who have shared experiences, backgrounds, or interests due to common sexual or gender identities. Among ...
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Surf culture
Surf culture is the pop culture that includes the people, language, fashion and lifestyle surrounding the sport of surfing. The history of surfing began with the ancient Polynesians. That initial cult...
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