Ælfstan (bishop of Ramsbury)
Aelfstan (or Ælfstan) was a medieval Bishop of Ramsbury.He was consecrated in 970. He died in 981.
John Neale (bishop)
John Robert Geoffrey Neale (born 21 September 1926) is a retired Anglican bishop. From 1974 to 1988, he was the first suffragan Bishop of Ramsbury in the Church of England and the first area bishop un...
Peter Hullah
Peter Fearnley Hullah (born 7 May 1949) is a former area Bishop of Ramsbury. Hullah was educated at Bradford Grammar School and King's College London. He was ordained in 1974 and was a curate at St Mi...
Bertwald of Ramsbury
Bertwald of Ramsbury (otherwise Britwold of Glastonbury and sometimes Beorhtwald) was an 11th-century Bishop of Ramsbury and saint.
Bertwald became a monk at Glastonbury Abbey and was appointed Bi...
Herman (bishop)
Herman or Hereman (Latin: Hermannus or Herimannus; d. 1078) was a medieval cleric who served as the bishop of Ramsbury and Sherborne before and after the Norman conquest of England. In 1075, ...
Aethelstan of Ramsbury
Aethelstan was a medieval Bishop of Ramsbury.He was consecrated in 909. He died between 909 and 927.
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Sigeric the Serious
Sigeric (died 28 October 994) was the Archbishop of Canterbury from 990 to 994.It is unclear whether the epithet "The Serious" originated from his learning, or if it derived from transliteration of hi...
Wulfgar of Ramsbury
Wulfgar was a medieval Bishop of Ramsbury.He was consecrated in 981. He died in 985.
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Ælfric of Ramsbury
Ælfric (Old English: Ælfrīc; died c. 950) was a medieval Bishop of Ramsbury.He was consecrated in 942. He died between 949 and 950.
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Bishop of Ramsbury
The Bishop of Ramsbury is an episcopal title used by a suffragan bishop of the Church of England Diocese of Salisbury, in the Province of Canterbury, England. The title takes its name after the town o...
Peter Vaughan (bishop)
Peter St George Vaughan (born 27 November 1930) was the area Bishop of Ramsbury from 1989 to 1998.Vaughan was educated at Charterhouse School and Selwyn College, Cambridge before beginning his ordaine...
Ælfric of Abingdon
Ælfric of Abingdon (Old English: Ælfrīc; died 16 November 1005), also known as Ælfric of Wessex, was a late 10th-century Archbishop of Canterbury. He previously held the offices of abbot of St Alb...
Oswulf of Ramsbury
Oswulf was a medieval Bishop of Ramsbury.He was consecrated between 949 and 950. He died in 970.
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Stephen Conway
Stephen David Conway SCP (born 22 December 1957) is the current Bishop of Ely. Until 6 December 2010 he was the area/suffragan Bishop of Ramsbury (the last area bishop under that diocese's 1981–2009 a...
Oda of Canterbury
Oda (or Odo; died 958), called the Good or the Severe, was a 10th-century Archbishop of Canterbury in England. The son of a Danish invader, Oda became Bishop of Ramsbury before 928. A number of storie...