Skating on Thin Ice
Watch (and listen) as a Swedish mathematician skates on thin ice, creating a beautiful acoustic experience.
Sweden Not a Socialist Success
Democratic socialists in the United States point to Sweden as a socialist success. But Swedish historian Johan Norberg says, Sweden is not socialist. --------- Subscribe to my YouTube channel: http:/...
Molotov Cocktails Thrown at Swedish Police in Continued Riots
Several police officers were attacked with molotov cocktails by "young men" in the second night of rioting in the "no-go" Hammarkullen area.
Stockholm attack suspect was refused residency
The Stockholm truck attack suspect had been facing deportation, Swedish police say.
Stockholm- Truck Rams Crowds Killing Several People-Officials Call It Act Of Terror.
A lorry has driven into a store in central Stockholm, killing at least two people, Swedish police say. Earlier media reports said three people had been kille...
My ex was just assaulted by 9 migrants during lunch and was rescued by her boss that saw what happen
My ex was just assaulted by 9 migrants during lunch and was rescued by her boss that saw what happened.
The Truth About Sweden
Trump is right. Mass immigration has ruined Sweden. Statistics cited can be found at the following links:
Rioting erupts in immigrant-dominated Swedish suburb
Riots erupted in a heavily immigrant Stockholm suburb Monday night, as masked looters set cars ablaze and threw rocks at cops, injuring one police officer, Swedish officials said.
Norway Saves Oil Money Instead Of Spending It - YouTube
While other countries choose to get-rich-quick off of oil sales, Norway puts its oil earnings into a national savings account. While many oil-rich countries ...
Sorry, Bernie — Scandinavia is no socialist paradise after all
Scandinavia is the American left’s Shangri-La. It is the land of social democracy and of all good things. It is the answer to any objection that new welfare benefits can’t be adopted here. But look h...
This four-letter word is the Swedish key to happiness at work
Can short coffee breaks spell the difference between loving and hating work? In Sweden, where workers are among the least stressed worldwide, the secret to happiness is a four letter word: fika. The w...
Swedish Doctor Gets 10 Years For Holding Woman In Bunker
A Swedish doctor has been charged with drugging, raping and kidnapping a woman he allegedly imprisoned for six days in a windowless bunker, officials say.
Incredible Bridge Transforms Into a Tunnel
The Oresund Bridge connects Denmark and Sweden in a unique cable-stayed bridge to sunken tunnel road and railway system, including an artificial island.
BAIKAL ICE live sound
Lake BAIKAL ICE live sound. Unbeliveable! Real video from IRKUTSK ethnik percussion group «ETHNOBEAT». We playing on frozen water of deepest and oldest Lake Baikal with pleasure and delight in the sou...
History of Sweden
During the 11th and 12th centuries, Sweden gradually became a unified Christian kingdom that later included Finland. During the early Middle Ages, the Swedish state also expanded to control Norrland a...
History of Sweden - Wikipedia
Geography of Sweden
Sweden is a country in Northern Europe on the Scandinavian Peninsula. It borders Norway to the west; Finland to the northeast; and the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia to the east and south.Sweden has a...
Geography of Sweden - Wikipedia
Stockholm (/ˈstɒkhoʊm, -hoʊlm/; [ˈstɔkːˈɔlm, ˈstɔkˈhɔlm] ) is the capital of Sweden and the most populous city in the Nordic region, with 911 989 people living in the municipality, approximately 1.4 m...
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Swedish culture
Swedish culture has been described as egalitarian, a trait that has been associated with Swedish mentality. Although Sweden did not formally abolish slavery until the middle of the 14th century, it al...
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Music of Sweden
The music of Sweden shares the tradition of Nordic folk dance music with its neighboring countries in northern Europe, including polka, schottische, waltz, polska and mazurka. The accordion, clarinet,...
Swedish cuisine
The Swedish cuisine is the cuisine of the Swedish people. Due to Sweden's large North–South expanse, there are regional differences between the cuisine of the North Sweden and the South.Historically, ...
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Tourism in Sweden
Tourism in Sweden made up a relatively small part of the Swedish economy in 2011 at 2.9% of the country's GDP; at this time, tourism brought in 264 billion Swedish Krona, 98.8 billion of which was for...
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