Swedish overseas colonies
Sweden possessed overseas colonies from 1638 to 1663 and from 1784 to 1878.
The former Swedish colonies in Africa were:The former Swedish colonies in America:
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New Sweden
New Sweden (Swedish: Nya Sverige, Finnish: Uusi Ruotsi, Latin: Nova Svecia) was a Swedish colony along the lower reaches of Delaware River in North America from 1638 to 1655 in the present-day...
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Swedish Gold Coast
The Swedish Gold Coast (Swedish: Svenska Guldkusten) was a Swedish colony founded in 1650 by Hendrik Carloff on the petroleum and natural gas rich Gulf of Guinea in present-day Ghana in Africa. It...
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Swedish West India Company
The Swedish West India Company (Swedish: Svenska Västindiska Kompaniet) was a Swedish chartered company which was based in the West Indies. The charter began in 1637 with the principal aim of esta...
Swedish East India Company
The Swedish East India Company (Swedish: Svenska Ostindiska Companiet or SOIC) was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1731 for the purpose of conducting trade with the Far East. The venture was ins...
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