A telegraphist or telegraph operator is an operator who uses the morse code in order to communicate by land or radio lines. Telegraphists were indispensable at sea in the early day of Wireless Telegra...
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Louisa Margaret Dunkley
Louisa Margaret Dunkley (28 May 1866 – 10 March 1927) was an Australian telegraphist and labor organizer.
Louisa Margaret Dunkley was born in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia. She was the daug...
List of telegraphists
This is a list of notable telegraphists.
John Willard Raught
John Willard Raught (September 1857 – 5 January 1931) was an American painter.Raught was born in Dunmore, Pennsylvania in September 1857. For several years he worked as a telegraph operator to support...
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Mathilde Fibiger
Mathilde Fibiger (December 13, 1830 – June 17, 1872) was a Danish feminist, novelist, and telegraphist.
Mathilde Fibiger was born in Copenhagen in 1830. Her father, Captain Johan Adolph Fibi...
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