Voter Fraud Ring Caught Rigging Elections for Democrats in Texas on Vimeo
Voter Fraud Ring Caught Rigging Elections for Democrats in Texas
ATTN: - These are victims of the Texas shooting.
These are victims of the Texas shooting. We should remember their names and faces.
Gov. Abbott signs bill to ban sanctuary cities in Texas
Texas govenor discusses what new law will change in state on 'Fox & Friends'
High school ‘Muslim prayer room’ challenged
For at least 30 minutes every weekday for the past seven years, a classroom at Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas, gets transformed into an on-campus mosque.
Family finds rattlesnake in toilet, then 23 more underneath their house
Big Country Snake Removal​ in Texas recalls panicked phone call from family who spotted rattlesnake in toilet
AG Ken Paxton: Shariah, other foreign laws don't apply in Texas
AUSTIN — Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton advised Wednesday that Texas courts are not required to enforce rulings or laws from foreign countries.
What will Texas Electoral College voters do?
Will Republican electors in Texas uphold the pledge they signed at the GOP state convention in Dallas?
Trump Voter In Texas Arrested Over 'Deplorable' T-shirt
A Donald Trump voter in Texas was arrested Monday for wearing a T-shirt to the polls that mocked Hillary Clinton’s now-famous comment in which she said half of Trump supporters were “a basket of deplo...
WARNING: Early Voters Report Voting Machines Auto Selecting Dem Candidates
Be VERY careful! In North Texas, the Amarillo area, the people showed up to vote early to take advantage of the relatively short lines. But there was a problem.
Texas hot air balloon crash: 'No survivors' among 16 on board
A hot air balloon carrying at least 16 people catches fire and crashes in the US state of Texas with all on board feared dead.
From Brexit To Texit? Renewed Calls For Texas Secession After EU Vote
Britain's startling decision to leave the European Union has reignited talks of Texas breaking away from the United States..
Texas tornadoes: Eleven killed in Dallas area
Tornadoes in the Dallas area of Texas kill at least 11 people, police say, leaving a total of 29 dead in a week of storms across several US states.
7th-grader explains what her teacher would do if she DIDN’T deny the existence of God
What is going on…in TEXAS no less? Whatever happened to learning the “three R’s?” Now, students barely into their teens are being forced to defend their faith. Is this middle school or the Inquisitio...
Texas hit with heavy rains, heightened flood threat
Up to a foot-and-a-half of rain pounded Texas on Saturday, raising fears of widespread flooding in the rain-soaked state even as the remnants of record-setting Hurricane Patricia bore down from Mexico...
300 Million-Year-Old Giant Shark Swam The Texas Seas
Even sharks are bigger in Texas. Around 300 million years ago, predatory “supersharks” that stretched about 8.5 meters long — the length of a limousine — prowled the warm, shallow seas of what is now ...
Larry D. Alexander
Larry Dell Alexander (born May 30, 1953) is an American artist, Christian author and teacher from Dermott, Arkansas in Chicot County. Alexander is best known for his creations of elaborate colorful, a...
Larry D. Alexander - Wikipedia
El Paso Zoo
The El Paso Zoo is a zoo located in El Paso, Texas. The 35-acre (14 ha) facility houses animals representing over 220 species, including such critically endangered species as the Amur leopard and...
El Paso Zoo - Wikipedia
Caballero: A Historical Novel
Caballero: A Historical Novel, often known only as Caballero, is a historical romance coauthored by Jovita González and Margaret Eimer (under the pseudonym Eve Raleigh). Written in the 1930s and early...
Thomas Volney Munson
Thomas Volney Munson (September 26, 1843–January 21, 1913) often referred to simply as T.V. Munson, was a horticulturist and breeder of grapes in Texas.
Thomas Volney Munson was born in Astoria, ...
Don't Mess with Texas
Don't Mess with Texas was a slogan used on a campaign to reduce littering on Texas roadways by the Texas Department of Transportation. The phrase "Don't Mess with Texas" was prominently shown on road ...
Don't Mess with Texas - Wikipedia
The Spirit of Houston
The Spirit of Houston was planned to be a 555-foot statue in Houston, Texas. The project was abandoned after the architect, Doug Michels, died. The planners felt that the city had an image problem in ...
The Sentimental Engine Slayer
The Sentimental Engine Slayer is a 2010 film directed by Omar Rodríguez-López. Rodríguez-López wrote, produced and scored the film, as well as starring as its protagonist, Barlam. Despite Rodríguez-L...
Texas literature
Texas literature is literature about the history and culture of Texas. It includes every literary genre and dates from the time of the first European contact.
The earliest works relating to Texas ...
Six flags over Texas
"Six flags over Texas" is the slogan used to describe the six countries that have had sovereignty over some or all of the current territory of the U.S. state of Texas: Spain (1519–1821), France (1685–...
Six flags over Texas - Wikipedia
How to Make a Tin Can BBQ Grill
How to make a barbecue. Great for an emergency BBQ or when camping. Add some charcoal and its good for cooking sausages, burgers, steak, chicken, kebabs, vegetables etc. I saw a picture of this somewh...