Ioan Cantacuzino
Ioan C. Cantacuzino ([iˈo̯an kantakuziˈno], also Ion Cantacuzino; 25 November 1863 – 14 January 1934) was a renowned Romanian physician and bacteriologist, a professor at the Romanian School of Medici...
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Ion Petrovici
Ion Petrovici (June 2/14 1882 – February 17, 1972), Romanian philosopher, essayist, memorialist, writer, orator, and politician, professor at University of Iaşi, member of the Romanian Academy, ...
Simion Mehedinți
Simion Mehedinți ([simiˈon meheˈdint͡sʲ]; October 19, 1868 – December 14, 1962 in Soveja) was a Romanian geographer and member of the Romanian Academy. A figure of importance in the Junimea lite...
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Gheorghe Marinescu
Gheorghe Marinescu ([ˈɡe̯orɡe mariˈnesku]; February 28, 1863 – May 15, 1938) was a Romanian neurologist, founder of the Romanian School of Neurology.
After the attendance of Medicine at the ...
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Dimitrie Pompeiu
Dimitrie Pompeiu ([diˈmitri.e pomˈpeju]; 4 October [O.S. 22 September] 1873 – 8 October 1954) was a renowned Romanian mathematician.
After studying in Dorohoi and Bucharest, he w...
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Duiliu Zamfirescu
Duiliu Zamfirescu (October 30, 1858 – June 3, 1922) was a Romanian novelist, poet, short story writer, lawyer, nationalist politician, journalist, diplomat and memoirist. In 1909, he was elected a mem...
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Victor Giurgiu
Victor Giurgiu (born May 16, 1930 in Moieciu, Brașov County) is a Romanian forestry engineer, a titular member of the Romanian Academy since 2009.
Ștefan S. Nicolau
Ștefan S. Nicolau (1896–1967) was a Romanian physician. In 1948, he was elected a titular member of the Romanian Academy.
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Ștefan Procopiu
Ștefan Procopiu ([ʃteˈfan prokoˈpi.u]; January 19, 1890 – August 22, 1972) was a Romanian physicist.
Procopiu was born in 1890 in Bârlad, Romania. His father, Emanoil Procopiu, was employed a...
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Alexandru Graur
Alexandru Graur ([alekˈsandru ˈɡra.ur]; July 9, 1900 – July 9, 1988) was a Romanian linguist.Born into a Jewish family in Botoşani, Graur graduated from the Faculty of Letters of the University ...
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Ana Aslan
Ana Aslan ([ˈana asˈlan]; 1 January 1897 – 20 May 1988) was a Romanian biologist and physician who discovered the anti-aging effects of procaine, based on which she developed the drugs Gerovital H3 an...
Aurel Iancu
Aurel Gh. Iancu (born December 17, 1928, Răcoasa, Vrancea County) is a Romanian economist, Ph. D. in economics in 1972, visiting scholar at MIT in 1970/71, researcher and associate professor, member ...
Alexandru Papiu Ilarian
Alexandru Papiu-Ilarian (27 September 1827 – 23 October [O.S. 11 October] 1877) was a Romanian revolutionary, lawyer and historian.Papiu Ilarian was born in Bezded (Hungarian&#...
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