Tourism in France
France attracted 84.7 million foreign tourists in 2013, making it the most popular tourist destination in the world. It is third in income from tourism due to briefer visits. 20% more tourists spent l...
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Welcome at the Palais Garnier
African undocumented migrants stormed Panthéon in Paris
African undocumented migrants stormed Panthéon in Paris on Friday, demanding legal status in France.
Paris: May Day protests - BBC News
French police fired tear gas to push back masked demonstrators in central Paris on Wednesday as thousands of people used an annual May Day rally to protest against President Emmanuel Macron’s policies...
Drone footage shows damage to roof of Notre Dame
Carcassonne - the enchanting sights of this medieval fortress town in south-central France
Explore the enchanting sights of this medieval fortress town in south-central France.
Gordes France in 4K (Sony AX100E)
This video is about Gordes
Macron confirms three dead, 16 injured in France attack
French President Emmanuel Macron has confirmed three people were killed and 16 others were injured following this morning's attacks in southern France.
In pictures: River Seine bursts banks in Paris
Metro lines and stations have been closed after France's wettest January for more than 100 years.
Rendevous C'était un Rendez vous 1976
Sorry guys its not a FERRARI!!! Its a crazy Frenchman in a MERX.he he
Donald J. Trump - Great bilateral meetings at Élysée...
Great bilateral meetings at Élysée Palace with President Emmanuel Macron. The friendship between our two nations and ourselves is unbreakable.
Notre Dame cathedral attack: Paris armed police swoop as 'man pulls hammer on cop'
ARMED police have swooped on Notre Dame over reports a man tried...
French Official: Notre Dame Attacker Cried 'It's For Syria'
French interior minister says suspect was screaming outside Notre Dame
PORT DE CONCARNEAU, LA VILLE . 7 July 2006 Port de Concarneau Slides: 50 Length: 04:10 Music: Artist: Milladoiro Album: Auga de Maio Song; Alborada de Verin ...
Tourism in Paris
In 2013 the City of Paris welcomed 15.6 million international visitors; the largest number of whom came from the United States. The Paris Region received 32.3 million visitors in 2013, putting it just...
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Château de Pieusse
The Château de Pieusse is a one of the so-called Cathar castles in the French commune of Pieusse, near the town of Limoux in the département of l'Aude. It is a "true" Cathar castle in the sense that t...
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Fort Enet
Fort Énet is a fortification in the Pertuis d'Antioche in Charente-Maritime, France. It is located on the "Pointe de la Fumée", the roadway extending from the city of Fouras, between Fouras and Île-d'...
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Château d'Andlau
The Château d'Andlau is a medieval castle in the commune of Andlau, in the Bas-Rhin département of France. Château d'Andlau is situated at an elevation of 440 meters.
Constructed on a narrow gran...
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L'Arpège ([laʁpɛʒ], the Arpeggio) is a French restaurant in Paris. The chef is Alain Passard. It was previously known as L'Archestrate when owned by Alain Senderens. Passard bought the restaurant fr...
Pointe du Toulinguet
The Pointe du Toulinguet is a promontory at the end of the Crozon peninsula in the commune of Camaret-sur-Mer in France.Its known fortifications include a prehistoric fortified site, as well as a lowe...
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Château de Montbéliard
The Château de Montbéliard (Castle of Montbeliard), also known as the Château des ducs de Württemberg (Castle of the Dukes of Württemberg) is a fortress located on an outcropping rock that surveys the...
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