Transport in Egypt
Transport in Egypt is centered in Cairo and largely follows the pattern of settlement along the Nile. The main line of the nation's rail system follows along the great river and is operated by Egyptia...
EgyptAir crash: Explosives found on victims, say investigators - BBC News
Traces of explosives were found on victims of an EgyptAir crash in May, investigators say.
Egyptair flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo disappears from radar – live updates
Airline says flight MS804, which took off from France’s Charles de Gaulle airport late on Wednesday night, has gone missing
EgyptAir Flight 181: Passenger Claiming To Have Suicide Bomb Hijacks Plane To Cairo - Latest Updates
EgyptAir confirms its plane was hijacked en route from Alexandria to Cairo Airbus A320 carrying 56 passengers lands after request by pilots at Larnaca airport in Cyprus. Airline says at least one hija...
Nile’s Exotic Creatures
The Nile river meanders through lush rainforest, harboring an array of unique creatures...
Suez Canal - Costa Europa in the Suez Canal
Timelapse video of Cruise Ship Costa Europa transiting the Suez Canal southward from Port Said to Suez.
Suez Canal
This is a brief film about two important engineering feats, made it for a school project. Music is Gortoz a Ran.
Nile A breathtaking cinematic adventure that takes you on an expedition down the world's greatest and most deadly river, t...
Nile - Documentary
A cruise on the Nile in the wake of the ancient Egyptians, an adventure into the world of the Pharaohs and the exploration of their mammoth culture. A three-...
Egyptian National Railways
Egyptian National Railways (ENR; Arabic: السكك الحديديه المصريه‎) is the national railway of Egypt and managed by the parastatal Egyptian Railway Authority (ERA; Arabic: الهيئه القوميه ل...
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Cairo Metro
The Cairo Metro (Arabic: مترو أنفاق القاهرة‎ Metro Anfāq al-Qāhirah, lit. "Cairo Tunnel Metro" or مترو الأنفاق  [ˈmetɾo lʔænˈfæːʔ]) is the first rapid transit system in Greater Cairo, ...
Cairo Metro - Wikipedia
EgyptAir crash: Explosives found on victims, say investigators - BBC News
Traces of explosives were found on victims of an EgyptAir crash in May, investigators say.
Cairo-Alexandria desert road
Cairo–Alexandria desert road, also known as the Cairo–Alexandria freeway and the Cairo–Alexandria highway, is the main highway that connects Cairo to Alexandria, the two largest cities in Egypt. It is...
Cairo-Alexandria desert road - Wikipedia
Abu Suwayr Air Base
Abu Suwayr Air Base is an Egyptian Air Force (Arabic: القوات الجوية المصرية‎, Al-Qūwāt al-Gawwīyä al-Miṣrīyä) base, located approximately 17.1 kilometres (10.6 mi) west of Ismaïlia (al-...
Mahmoudiyah, Egypt
Al Mahmoudiyah (Arabic: المحمودية‎, [elmæħmoˈdejjæ]) is an Egyptian city on the connection point between The Nile and Mahmoudiyah Canal. It's a city with a history despite its modernity. It ...
Ministry of Transportation (Egypt)
The Ministry of Transportation of Egypt is part of the Cabinet of Egypt. It is responsible for meeting the needs of demand for transport by rail, road and water in line with Egyptian national developm...
Trams in Greater Cairo
Constructed near the beginning of the 20th century, the Cairo tramway network is still used in modern-day Cairo, especially in modern areas, like Heliopolis, Nasr City.
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