Howard Government
The Howard Government refers to the government led by Prime Minister of Australia John Howard between 11 March 1996 to 3 December 2007. It was made up of members of the Liberal–National Coalition, whi...
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Lyne ministry
The Lyne ministry was the 29th ministry of the Colony of New South Wales, and was led by the 13th Premier, the Honourable Sir William Lyne, KCMG, MLA. Lyne was elected to the New South Wales Legislati...
Ted Theodore
Edward Granville (Ted) Theodore (29 December 1884 – 9 February 1950) was an Australian politician. He was Premier of Queensland 1919–25, a member of the federal House of Representatives 1927–31, and ...
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Eighth Menzies Ministry
The Eighth Menzies Ministry was the thirty-ninth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 10 December 1958 to 22 December 1961.Liberal Party of Australia–Australian Country Party Coalition...
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Robert Menzies
Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, KT, AK, CH, FAA, FRS, QC (20 December 1894 – 15 May 1978), was an Australian politician and the 12th Prime Minister of Australia. He ...
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Ben Chifley
Joseph Benedict "Ben" Chifley (/ˈtʃɪfli/; September 22, 1885 – June 13, 1951) was an Australian politician who was the 16th Prime Minister of Australia from 1945 to 1949. He became Leader of the Labor...
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Ralph Willis
Ralph Willis AO (born 14 April 1938), Australian politician, was Treasurer for the final years of the Keating Labor Government.
Willis was born in Melbourne to Stan and Doris Willis and educated a...
William Higgs
William Guy Higgs (18 January 1862 – 11 June 1951) was an Australian politician.William Higgs was born on 18 January 1862 at Wingham, New South Wales, the son of a Cornish storekeeper, William G...
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James Scullin
James Henry "Jim" Scullin (18 September 1876 – 28 January 1953) was an Australian Labor Party politician and the ninth Prime Minister of Australia. Scullin led Labor to government at the 1929 ele...
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Fourth Menzies Ministry
The Fourth Menzies Ministry was the thirty-fifth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 19 December 1949 to 11 May 1951.Liberal Party of Australia–Australian Country Party Coalition
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Alexander Poynton
Alexander Poynton, OBE, (8 August 1853 – 9 January 1935), was an inaugural member of the Australian House of Representatives.Born in Castlemaine, Victoria to Alexander, who took part in the Eureka Sto...
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Harold Holt
Harold Edward Holt, CH (/hoʊlt/; 5 August 1908 – 17 December 1967), was an Australian politician and the 17th Prime Minister of Australia. Holt spent 32 years in Parliament, including ...
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Fifth Menzies Ministry
The Fifth Menzies Ministry was the thirty-sixth Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 11 May 1951 to 9 July 1954.Liberal Party of Australia–Australian Country Party Coalition
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Frank Crean
Frank Crean (28 February 1916 – 2 December 2008) was a senior minister in the Australian Labor Party government of Gough Whitlam from 1972 to 1975, and was Deputy Prime Minister for the last six...
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Second Menzies Ministry
The Second Menzies Ministry was the twenty-seventh Australian Commonwealth ministry, and ran from 14 March 1940 to 28 October 1940.United Australia Party–Australian Country Party Coalition
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William McMahon
Sir William "Billy" McMahon, GCMG, CH (23 February 1908 – 31 March 1988), was an Australian Liberal politician and the 20th Prime Minister of Australia. He was the longest continuo...
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Wayne Swan
Wayne Maxwell Swan (born 30 June 1954) is an Australian politician who was the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and the Deputy Leader of the Labor Party from 2010 to 2013, and the Treasurer of Austr...
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Arthur Fadden
Sir Arthur William Fadden, GCMG (13 April 1894 – 21 April 1973) was an Australian politician and the 13th Prime Minister of Australia.
Fadden was born in Ingham, Queensland, on 13 A...
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Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher (29 August 1862 – 22 October 1928) was an Australian politician who served as Prime Minister on three separate occasions. Fisher's 1910–13 Labor ministry completed a vast ...
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John Forrest
Sir John Forrest GCMG (22 August 1847 – 2 September 1918) was an Australian explorer, the first Premier of Western Australia and a cabinet minister in Australia's first federal parliament.As a young m...
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William Lyne
Sir William John Lyne KCMG (6 April 1844 – 3 August 1913), Australian politician, was Premier of New South Wales and a member of the first federal ministry. As premier, Lyne presided over the passage ...
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Bill Hayden
William George "Bill" Hayden AC (born 23 January 1933) is an Australian politician who was the 21st Governor-General of Australia from 1989 to 1996. He was previously the Leader of the Labor Party and...
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Percy Spender
Sir Percy Claude Spender, KCVO, KBE, QC, (5 October 1897 – 3 May 1985), was an Australian politician, diplomat and jurist.
Spender was born in Sydney and educated at Fort Street Hig...
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Australian federal election, 1966
Federal elections were held in Australia on 26 November 1966. All 124 seats in the House of Representatives were up for election. The incumbent Liberal Party of Australia, led by Prime Minister of Aus...
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Stanley Bruce
Stanley Melbourne Bruce, 1st Viscount Bruce of Melbourne CH MC FRS PC (15 April 1883 – 25 August 1967), was the eighth Prime Minister of Australia (1923–29). Bruce made w...
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Richard Casey, Baron Casey
Richard Gavin Gardiner Casey, Baron Casey KG GCMG CH DSO MC KStJ PC FAA (29 August 1890 – 17 June 1976) was an Australian politician and diplomat, who...
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William Watt (Australian politician)
William Alexander Watt (23 November 1871 – 13 September 1946) was an Australian politician who was the 24th Premier of Victoria, and later a leading federal politician and Speaker of th...
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John Kerin
John Charles Kerin, AM (born 21 November 1937) is an Australian economist and former Australian Labor Party (ALP) politician.
Kerin was born in Bowral in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales....
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Military history of Australia during the Vietnam War
Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War, beginning with a small commitment of 30 military advisors in 1962, increased over the following decade to a peak of 7,672 Australian personnel following the...
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