The Kethwals are a tribe of Pakistan, they are believed to originate from Kerman in Iran. They had travelled eastwards and settled the hills and established self-government. According to census of In...
The Kanyal (sometimes spelt Kanial, or Kunial) are tribe of both Jats and Rajputs status, found in the Punjab province of Pakistan, and also in Azad Kashmir. In the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, the K...
Mial, or more correctly pronounced Miyal are a Rajput tribe found mainly in northern districts of Punjab, Pakistan. They are one of a number of small clans of Muslim agriculturists scattered over the ...
Dolal are a Punjabi tribe found in the Pothohar region of northern Punjab, Pakistan. They claim to be Qureshi Arabs, a claim generally acknowledged by the neighbouring tribes. The Dolal occupy a numbe...
The Mangral (alternately Mahngral, "Mungral",Mangarpal, Urdu: مہنگرال، منگرال‎) is a Rajput most elite class of rajput cast and the historical founders and rulers of Kotli and Poonch. Their ...
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The Bangial, or sometime spelt Bangyal are a tribe of Rajputs found principally in the Potohar region of Punjab, Pakistan. They also to be a found in the Jhelum, Gujrat and Gujranwala districts of th...
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The Gakhars (also Gakkhar or Ghakhar or Ghakkar) are a clan found predominantly in Pakistan.
The Gakhars and Janjua Rajputs had engaged in a long-running battle for sovereignty over the Salt Range...
Dhamial Rajputs
The Dhamial Rajputs of the Pothohar Plateau are a branch of the Janjua Rajput clan.
The Punjab in the pre-Mughal era was one of much civil wars between many kingdoms and new dynasties began to sp...
Sudhans (also known as Sudhozai) are one of the major tribes from the districts of Poonch, Sudhanoti, Bagh and Kolti in Kashmir.
The tribe claims an Pashtun ancestry. According to Syed Ali, Sudhan...
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The Ratial are Rajput and a Jat Muslim tribe, found in the Pothohar region of Punjab, Pakistan.
Tribes of the Muree Hills
Murree Tehsil (Urdu: تحصیل مری‎) is one of the seven Tehsils (i.e. sub-divisions) of Rawalpindi District in the Punjab province of Pakistan.Murree Tehsil is located in the northernmost part ...
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Demography of Rawalpindi District
The Demographics of Rawalpindi District, a district of Punjab in Pakistan, has undergone significant changes over the years. It has been affected by turmoil in the surrounding districts.According to t...
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The Bhakral are a Muslim Rajput tribe found in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Another pronunciation is Pakhral, particularly in Rawalpindi.
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The Satti (Urdu: ستّى‎) are a Rajput tribe found in Punjab, Pakistan.
Dhund Abbasi
Hindkowans (Urdu: هِندکوان) are a linguistic group of people native to the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pothohar Plateau and Azad Kashmir regions. Hindkowans have mixed origins and almost all speak Hindko as t...
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Chhina or Chheena is a Jat clan of India and Pakistan.
According to Horace Rose, the Bahawalpur Chhina genealogy gives them common origin with the Wattu. They claim origin from Chhina, a descendan...
Ranial Rajputs
The Ranial Rajputs of Rawalpindi are a branch of the Janjua Rajput clan.The Janjua Rajput (Punjabi ਜਨ੍ਜੁਅ, Urdu: جنجوعہ) (also spelt Janjuha, Janjuah) is a royal warrior clan of Northern India and Pak...
Dhamial Jats
The Dhamial or Dhamyal are a jats tribe in Punjab, Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.
Aura clan
The Aura are a Muslim Jat tribe, found mainly in Gujar Khan Tehsil of Rawalpindi District. Chak 21 S.B. is large settlement of the Aura in Sargodha District. These Aura are immigrants from Gujar Khan ...
The Janjua (also spelt Janjooa, Janjuha, Janjuah) is a caste often found among the Sikh, Muslim and Hindu Rajput communities of Pakistan and India.
Although there is no definitive source to confi...
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The Nathyal are a tribe of Rajputs and Jats found principally in the Potohar region of Punjab, Pakistan, Azad Kashmir, and Jammu.
The Nathyal are descendants of the Janjua Rajputs. The origin of t...
The Jasgam, is a tribe in Pothohar region of Punjab, Pakistan. They originated from the Dhund Abbasi having migrated into the potohar region from the Murree area. They are descendants of the Abassid G...
Kayani Mughal
The Kayanii (Urdu: Hindko کیانی ‎) is a title used by ghakar tribe based in Rawalpindi, northern Pakistan.
In his Baburnama, Babur noted that:Up to this time, around 1519, the Gakhars ...
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Hon clan
The Hon or Hun or sometimes also pronounced as Hoon are a Muslim Rajput tribe found mainly in the Potohar region of Punjab, Pakistan.