Tung Chee Hwa
Tung Chee-hwa, (born 7 July 1937, Shanghai, China), also known as C. H. Tung, was the first Chief Executive and President of the Executive Council of Hong Kong from the transfer of sovereignty on 1 J...
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Dong (Chinese surname)
Dǒng (Chinese: 董; pinyin: Dǒng; Standard Romanization (Cantonese): Tung/Tong) is a surname of Chinese origin. Its Vietnamese form is Đổng.
Dǒng origins from:
Hong Kong Chief Executive election, 1996
The First Hong Kong Chief Executive Election was held on 11 December 1996 to select the first Chief Executive for the post-colonial Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic ...
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Principal Officials Accountability System
Principal Officials Accountability System (Chinese: 主要官員問責制), commonly referred to as the Ministerial system (Chinese: 高官問責制), sometimes the Accountability system, was introduced in Hong Kong ...
Political Appointments System
The Political Appointments System is a scheme introduced in 2008 by the Hong Kong Government to reinforce its ministerial team by superseding the Principal Officials Accountability System and insertin...
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