United States presidential election, 2016
The United States presidential election of 2016 is expected to be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. It will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election. Voters in the election will select pres...
Former Ambassador Andrew Young: We lost this election, the Russians didn’t take it
Andrew Young, former U.N. Ambassador under President Jimmy Carter, on the planned boycott of President-elect Trump’s inauguration and why Democrats lost the ...
Small business optimism soars after Trump election
Business owners' outlook is the highest we've seen since 2004.
Assange tells Hannity: Russia was not our source
Sneak peek at Sean Hannity's exclusive interview with WikiLeaks founder; watch part 1 of the full sitdown on Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET
Did Putin get Trump elected?
Former CIA Operations Officer Scott Uehlinger reacts to reports Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an ‘influenced campaign’ to aid Donald Trump in the ...
Congress officially certifies President-elect Donald Trump election win
Trump was certified as winning the White House race with 304 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 227. Mike Pence was certified as the next vice president.
Intel Report Says Putin Ordered Campaign To Influence US Election
A declassified U.S. intelligence report released Friday directly accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of ordering a campaign to influence the U.S. election and hurt Hillary Clinton’s candidacy – f...
FBI Never Examined Hacked DNC Servers Itself: Report
The report comes as controversy continues to surround the Intelligence Community’s assessment that Russia was behind the attack on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s personal...
Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush To Attend Trump Inauguration
It will be the first joint public appearance by Trump and Clinton since the three debates that preceded Trump's surprise victory.
Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox For New Role At NBC.
Megyn Kelly Leaving Fox For New Role At NBC
Kurdish fish restaurant bears U.S. President-elect's name
Just an hour’s drive from the Iraqi government’s fight to retake Mosul from ISIL – the semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan has enjoyed relative peace and eco...
Iraqi Parents Name New Babies 'Trump'
‘I believe he has a strong personality, [and] that is why I named my newborn child Trump.’
Spicer hints Obama's Russian sanctions 'politically motivated'
Sean Spicer, the incoming White House communications director, suggested Sunday that President Obama’s imposing Russian sanctions related to email hacking was politically motivated, considering China ...
Putin Outfoxes Obama, Lies in Wait for Trump
Moscow laughs off the Obama administration’s sanctions and expulsions as feeble last gestures and promises to respond in kind—then doesn’t.
Barack Obama poised to punish Vladimir Putin for US election meddling
The White House plans to revise an executive order designed to punish cyber attacks. The current order doesn't cover interference with U.S. elections.
Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2016
The Democratic Party presidential primaries, 2016 will take place in the 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories, as well as among U.S. citizens living all over the world, prior to th...
Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016
The Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016 will take place within the Republican Party prior to the 2016 general election. In anticipation of the primaries, the Republican National Committee be...
Small business optimism soars after Trump election
Business owners' outlook is the highest we've seen since 2004.