Anthony Platt (born December 28, 1982) commonly known by his stage name Unk, is an American DJ and rapper. He began spinning records in 1998, and, after meeting DJ Jelly and DJ Montay, joined their D...
2 Step
"2 Step" is the second single from Unk's album Beat'n Down Yo Block! It was released in 2007. It has an accompanying dance, called the "2 Step". The video co-directed by Dale "Rage" Resteghini and Wi...
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Show Out (Unk song)
"Show Out" is the first single from rapper Unk's second album, 2econd Season. It is produced by DJ Montay.
Cameo appearances are made by V.I.C., Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, Arab, JBar, Chilli of TLC and ...
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Beat'n Down Yo Block!
Beat'n Down Yo Block! is the debut album from Atlanta-based rapper Unk. It was released October 3, 2006.Beat'n Down Yo Block! features many prominent southern rappers, among them D.G. Yola, Baby D and...
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Walk It Out
Walk It Out may refer to:
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