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Uzbek is a Turkic language and the official language of Uzbekistan. It has between 20 and 26 million native speakers and is spoken by the Uzbeks in Uzbekistan and elsewhere in Central Asia. Uzbek belo...
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Saparmurat Atayevich Niyazov (Turkmen: Saparmyrat Ataýewiç Nyýazow; 19 February 1940 – 21 December 2006) was a Turkmen politician who served as the leader of Turkmenistan from 1985 until his ...
Karimov is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
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The Uzbek Wikipedia (Uzbek: Oʻzbekcha Vikipediya in Latin script, Ўзбекча Википедия in Cyrillic script) is the Uzbek-language edition of the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia. It was founded in Decem...
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