Vietnamese people
The Vietnamese people or the Kinh people (Vietnamese: người Việt ([ŋɨəj˨˩ viət˩]) or người Kinh ([ŋɨəj˨˩ kiɲ˧])) are an Asian ethnic group originating from present-day northern Vietnam and souther...
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List of Vietnamese people
Famous or notable Vietnamese people include:
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Trịnh Lords
The Trịnh lords (Vietnamese: Chúa Trịnh; 1545–1787) were a series of rulers of Vietnam who controlled the powers of government while leaving a figurehead as king. They have been referred to as the...
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Women in Vietnam
Women in Vietnam have played an important role in Vietnam's history. They have served in war, nurses, mothers and wives. Their role in society has changed somewhat over the years, but they have undert...
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Nguyễn Khắc Ngư
Michel Nguyễn Khắc Ngư (2 February 1909 – 10 June 2009) was the third oldest living bishop of the Roman Catholic Church at the time of his death.Ngư was born in Vạn Đồn, Indochina in 1909, and w...
Tran Van Tho
Trần Văn Thọ (born in Quảng Nam Province, Vietnam) is a Vietnamese former economic advisor to the Japanese government, head of a major Japanese bank’s ODA assessment committee, and a professor of econ...
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