Kijŏngdong, Kijŏng-dong or Kijŏng tong is a village in P'yŏnghwa-ri (Chosŏn'gŭl: 평화리; hancha: 平和里), Kaesong-si, North Korea. It is situated in the North's half of the Korean Demilitarized ...
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Aho-dong is a city in Munsal-li Paechon, South Hwanghae Province, North Korea, located at coordinates 37.8942 N, 126.3742 E. The city is immediately north of the South Korean-North Korean border, wh...
Ŏjŏk-tong is a village located in Uiju, North Pyongan Province, North Korea. It has a population of around 54767 residents. 124°32′E / 40.217°N 124.533°E / 40.217; 124.533
Ri (administrative division)
A Ri is an administrative unit in both North Korea and South Korea similar to the unit of Village.