Violent crime
A violent crime or crime of violence is a crime in which an offender uses or threatens force upon a victim. This entails both crimes in which the violent act is the objective, such as murder, as well ...
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Macron confirms three dead, 16 injured in France attack
French President Emmanuel Macron has confirmed three people were killed and 16 others were injured following this morning's attacks in southern France.
Toronto attack: Shock footage of desperate onlookers aiding victim as police HUNT for van | World | News |
A VAN in Toronto has hit eight to ten pedestrians, it has been reported, as a video shows onlookers aiding at least one of the victims and appearing to point out the direction the van took after the a...
3 DEAD IN MUNSTER GERMANY Minibus Ploughs Though Crowd at Pub 30 Injured Driver Shoots Himself
BREAKING NEWS April 7, 2018: Three dead after minibus ploughs into diners outside restaurant leaving dozens injured before driver 'shoots himself' in front of shocked onlookers in German market town ...
ATTN: - These are victims of the Texas shooting.
These are victims of the Texas shooting. We should remember their names and faces.
Yesterday, 59 music fans went to a concert and...
Yesterday, 59 music fans went to a concert and never made it home. Today, we remember them 💔🙏
Venice mayor: Anyone who shouts 'Allahu Akbar' will be shot
Cops in Venice have been told to shoot potential terrorists on sight.
Las Ramblas attack: van hits crowd in tourist area of Barcelona
Crash on Las Ramblas being treated as terror incident by Spanish police, who say people have died
Tonight, an Arab Terrorist slaughtered Jews
Tonight, an Arab Terrorist slaughtered Jews. We will not be silent. Share this. Show the world.
Eric Shawn exclusive: Mob boss' blunt message for terrorists
Ralph Natale simply says: 'I will take care of business. Kill them immediately!'
Notre Dame cathedral attack: Paris armed police swoop as 'man pulls hammer on cop'
ARMED police have swooped on Notre Dame over reports a man tried...
Trump Broadens CIA Power to Launch Drone Strikes
President Trump has significantly broadened the CIA's authority in carrying out deadly drone strikes, potentially touching off a turf war with The Pentagon. ...
French Official: Notre Dame Attacker Cried 'It's For Syria'
French interior minister says suspect was screaming outside Notre Dame
Sierra Harper - So this just happened at subway the second...
So this just happened at subway the second time in a week. We believe it's the same guy. If anyone recognizes his voice or who this guy is please let us know for the safety of the girls who work...
London Attack: 2 separate incidents at London Bridge and Borough Market
London Attack: 2 separate incidents at London Bridge and Borough Market
In common law, assault is the act of creating apprehension of an imminent harmful or offensive contact with a person.An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, pres...
Hijacking, highjack, or hijacker may refer to:Hijacking, highjack, or hijacker may also refer to:
Homicide is the act of a human being causing the death of another human being.
Criminal homicide takes many forms including accidental or purposeful murder. The crime committed in a criminal homi...
In criminal law, kidnapping is the unlawful taking away or transportation of a person against that person's will, usually to hold the person unlawfully. This may be done for ransom or in furtherance o...
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Murder is the killing of another person without justification or valid excuse, and it is especially the unlawful killing of another human being with malice aforethought. This state of mind may, depend...
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Mutilation or maiming is an act of physical injury that degrades the appearance or function of any living body.
Some ethnic groups practice ritual mutilation, e.g. scarification, burning, flagella...
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Offence against the person
In criminal law, an offence against the person usually refers to a crime which is committed by direct physical harm or force being applied to another person.They are usually analysed by division into ...
Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration perpetrated against a person without that person's consent. The act may be carried out by phy...
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Robbery is the crime of taking or attempting to take anything of value by force or threat of force or by putting the victim in fear. At common law, robbery is defined as taking the property of another...
Terrorism is commonly defined as violent acts (or the threat of violent acts) intended to create fear (terror), perpetrated for a religious, political, or ideological goal, and which deliberately targ...
Torture is the act of deliberately inflicting severe physical or psychological pain and possibly injury to a person (or animal), usually to one who is physically restrained or otherwise under the tort...
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How ISIS Makes its Money: Why U.S. Efforts to Cut Off Islamic State’s Funds Have Failed
Islamic State is one of the richest terrorist armies the world has known. According to U.S. Department of the Treasury the terrorist group is taking in $500 million from oil a year. Beyond oil, the c...
Manchester Attack: What They're NOT Telling You
Which is more important - not hurting Muslims' feelings, or our children being blown up?