The salt pans in Maras, Peru
Nature's beauty and human ingenuity converge at the salt pans in Maras, Peru. Originally built by the Incans, these pools have endured for over 500 years.
List of lakes in Peru
The following is a list of lakes in Peru.Note that qucha means lake in Quechua.
This an alphabetical list of lakes in Peru.
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List of protected areas of Peru
The protected areas in Peru, South America.
The Constitution of Peru of 1993 recognized the natural resources and ecosystem variety of its country as a heritage. In 1900, the National System of Na...
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Historic Centre of Lima
Located principally in the city centre or Cercado de Lima and Rímac areas, the Historic Centre of Lima is among the most important tourist destinations in Peru.
The city of Lima, the capital of Pe...
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Laguna de las Momias
Laguna de las Momias (Lagoon of the Mummies), also known as Laguna de los Cóndores (Lagoon of the Condors) is an archaeological site located in Leimebamba, in the province of Chachapoyas in the Amazon...
Manú National Park
Manú National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional del Manu) is a biosphere reserve located in Madre de Dios and Paucartambo, Cusco. Before becoming an area protected by the Peruvian government, the Ma...
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Wiñaymarka Lake
Wiñaymarka Lake (also: Huiñaymarca) is the southern branch of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia and Peru.
68°50′00″W / 16.3333°S 68.8333°W / -16.3333; -68.8333
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Huanchaco is a beachside town of Mochica origin and a popular vacation spot. It is the most visited beach of Trujillo in Peru. Situated 12 km northwest of the city in a bay, on a terrace at the f...
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Temple of the Moon (Peru)
The Temple of the Moon is an Incan ceremonial temple on Huayna Picchu near Machu Picchu, in Peru. The site is made up of stone masonry and an open-face, shallow cave. The temple is arbitrarily named, ...
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Park of the Exposition
The Park of the Exposition is a park located in the Santa Beatriz neighborhood of downtown Lima, capital of Peru.
The park was occupied by the south gate of the Walls of Lima, known as Puerta de G...
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Real Felipe Fortress
The Real Felipe Fortress was built to defend the main Peruvian port and the city of Lima from pirates and corsairs during colonial times. The fortress was pivotal in the 1866 naval battle between a Sp...
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Otishi National Park
The Otishi National Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional Otishi) is a protected area in Peru located in the Junín Region (84,5%), Junín Province and Satipo Province, Río Tambo District and in the Cusco ...
Risso Mall
Risso Mall is a shopping mall, located in the Lince district of Peru, near Arequipa Avenue. It's a very old shopping mall, that used to belong to Lince as cotton fields but was then bought by the Ris...