Afghan response to hospital bombing is muted, even sympathetic
The changed tone comes as Afghan leaders growing increasingly anxious over next year’s U.S. withdrawal.
Allain Tikko
Allain Tikko (born in 1979 in Kõpu, Viljandimaa; died 15 June 2009) was an Estonian warrant officer (veebel) in charge of a jagu (a small military unit) in ESTCOY-8, which had been posted in Afghanist...
Bagram torture and prisoner abuse
In 2005, The New York Times obtained a 2,000-page United States Army report concerning the homicides of two unarmed civilian Afghan prisoners by U.S. armed forces in 2002 at the Bagram Theater Internm...
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Volker Handloik
Volker Handloik (19 July 1961 – 11 November 2001) was a German freelance journalist and reporter. Born in Rostock, Germany, he worked for the Hamburg-based Stern for 10 years and also did some c...
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Sultan Munadi
Sultan Mohammad Munadi (Pashto: صئلتان هحامماد ئنادي‎; November 22, 1976 - September 9, 2009) was an Afghan journalist, reporter, production manager and translator. He worked for the Intern..., formally the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count,is an independent websitecreated in May 2003 by Michael White, a software engineer from Stone Mountain, Georgia, to track casualties in the ... - Wikipedia