Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions. This includes the core meaning as held in the originating old English word weal, which is from an Indo-European word ste...
Putin: Russian prostitutes are the best in the world
"Trump arrived and immediately went to meet with Russian prostitutes. Firstly, this person is already a grown man and secondly, a man who for many years has ...
Billionaire George Soros Lost Nearly $1 Billion in Weeks After Trump Election
Billionaire hedge-fund manager George Soros lost nearly $1 billion as a result of the stock-market rally spurred by Donald Trump’s surprise presidential election.
Trump unleashes on Buzzfeed, CNN over ‘fake news’
Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center weighs in on Donald Trump slamming media outlets over ‘fake news.’
Small business optimism soars after Trump election
Business owners' outlook is the highest we've seen since 2004.
Miniature Worlds Crafted Inside Wooden Rings By Secret Wood | Designwrld
Canadian jewelry maker Secret Wood designs and produces beautiful and unique wooden rings that encompass little worlds inside them.
Jack Ma on meeting with Trump: We talked about supporting U.S. small biz
Alibaba founder Jack Ma addresses reporters following his meeting with U.S. President-elect Trump.
Donald Trump ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Donald Trump accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Vince McMahon, Mike Tyson and Homer Simpson from the rooftop of Trump Tower.
WOW! When he first found out he was going to become president!!!
Aboard Trump Force One en route to the Army-Navy game yesterday in Baltimore, Mr. Trump shared some surprising details about what was going through his mind ...
Top 10 Crazy Donald Trump Moments
Even before Trump ran for President he was involved in some wild and weird scenarios and ...
How Donald Trump Beat Palm Beach Society and Won the Fight for Mar-a-Lago
From the moment Donald Trump set eyes on Mar-a-Lago, the grand palace of old Palm Beach, he was on a collision course with one of the richest and most insular towns in America. Mark Seal chronicles ho...
Rolls-Royce handed over a Wraith Black Badge to the first female owner
Steve Foley Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presented the newest Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge to Marisa Mills, the first woman to order the Bespoke series
La Dolce Vita
The Luxury Channel heads to Italy in search of la dolce vita -- the sweet life.
Donald Trump: Person Of The Year 2016
The 2016 Person of the Year is Donald Trump, the President-elect of the divided states of America.
The top way rich people view the world differently than average people
The average person believes money is earned through time and labor.
Gisele Bundchen - D&G The One Ad
This is the full version of The One fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana starring Gisele Bundchen.
World distribution of wealth
World distribution of wealth is the statistical data that describes how wealth is distributed around the world. The guideline for categorizing the data is to organize it based on the continent on whic...
In economics, a luxury good is a good for which demand increases more than proportionally as income rises, and is a contrast to a "necessity good", for which demand increases proportionally less than ...
Precious metal
A precious metal is a rare, naturally occurring metallic chemical element of high economic value.Chemically, the precious metals tend to be less reactive than most elements (see noble metal). They are...
Treasure (from Greek θησαυρός - thēsauros, meaning "treasure store", romanized as thesaurus) is a concentration of riches, often one which is considered lost or forgotten until being rediscovered. Som...
Wealth concentration
Wealth concentration is a process by which newly created wealth, under some conditions, can become concentrated in the possession of wealthy individuals or entities. Those who hold wealth have the mea...
Business oligarch
Business oligarch is almost a synonym of the term "business magnate", borrowed by the English-speaking and western media from post-Soviet parlance to describe the huge, quickly acquired wealth of some...
Captain of industry
During the Industrial Revolution, a captain of industry was a business leader whose means of amassing a personal fortune contributes positively to the country in some way.This may have been through in...
Born in the purple
Traditionally, born in the purple was a category of members of royal families born during the reign of their parent. This was later loosely expanded to include all children born of prominent or high ...
Old money
Old money is "the inherited wealth of established upper-class families (i.e. gentry, patriciate)" or "a person, family, or lineage possessing inherited wealth." The term typically describes a class of...
Rich may refer:
A millionaire (originally and sometimes still millionnaire) is an individual whose net worth or wealth is equal to or exceeds one million units of currency. It can also be a person who owns one milli...
A billionaire, in countries that use the short scale number naming system, is a person with a net worth of at least one billion (1,000,000,000) units of a given currency, usually major currencies such...