A wildfire is an uncontrolled fire in an area of combustible vegetation that occurs in the countryside or a wilderness area. Other names such as brush fire, bush fire, forest fire, desert fire, grass ...
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California Fires - Did They Lie?
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California has almost 130 million dead trees waiting to go up in smoke
California has almost 130 million dead trees waiting to go up in smoke… and wildfire season is back.
Wildfires kill at least 74 near Athens, families embrace as flames close in - AOL Weather
Greece’s fire department says 74 people are confirmed to have died in forest fires that have swept through popular seaside areas near the Greek capital.
Dramatic dashcam video shows driving through Sonoma fire
Dramatic dashcam video shows a Sonoma County deputy driving through a smoke-filled street as bright orange flames light up trees and buildings, images of the deadly wildfire in California’s wine...
‘Apocalyptic’ Wildfires: Canada's Fort McMurray residents ordered to evacuate city
The entire population of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta, Canada has been ordered to abandon their homes after a wildfire ravaging a nearby forest moved in...
Canadian wildfire halts evacuation convoy
The only evacuation convoy leaving the Canadian city of Fort McMurray has been suspended due to 200ft (60m) flames flanking the road, officials say.
Alberta wildfire: Emergency declared in Fort McMurray
A state of emergency is declared in the province of Alberta in Canada after a wildfire forces all 88,000 residents of Fort McMurray to flee their city.
Enigma of the trees that resist wildfires
Scientists reveal the secrets behind the trees that can resist wildfires.
UCI, NASA Researchers Find Link Between Amazon Fire Risk, Devastating Hurricanes
Researchers from the University of California, Irvine and NASA have uncovered a remarkably strong link between high wildfire risk in the Amazon basin and the devastating hurricanes that ravage North A...
Giant Fire Tornado Whirls Above Idaho’s Soda Blaze
Looking like a twister out of Hell, a giant “fire tornado” was filmed above Idaho’s Soda Fire late last week and has now whipped across the Internet. “This sucker was shooting flames 100 ft in the air...
California Freeway Opens After Wildfire Scorches 20 Vehicles
Officials reopen key Southern California artery after wildfire destroys 20 vehicles and continues to threaten area homes. California motorists saw both fire and rain within 24 hours on a key artery t...
Wildfire Smoke Can Increase Risk Of Heart Disease, Study Finds
Tiny particles in smoke from wildfires may increase the danger of acute heart problems, including cardiac arrest and ischemic heart disease, especially among vulnerable people, according to a new stud...
Rare Fire Devil Captured by Australian Filmmaker
In Mount Collins, near Alice Springs Australia, it hasn't rained since April 24th, and this provided the perfect environment for one of the rarest phenomen
Yosemite Wildfire
For the past 10 days, firefighters in California have been struggling to contain the Rim Fire, now one of the largest in the state's history, as it blazes across the Stanislaus National Forest and int...
A firestorm is a conflagration which attains such intensity that it creates and sustains its own wind system. It is most commonly a natural phenomenon, created during some of the largest bushfires and...
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Fire ecology
Fire ecology is concerned with the processes linking the natural incidence of fire in an ecosystem and the ecological effects of this fire. Many ecosystems, particularly prairie, savanna, chaparral a...
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Fossil record of fire
The fossil record of fire first appears with the establishment of a land-based flora in the Middle Ordovician period, 470 million years ago, permitting the accumulation of oxygen in the atmosphere as ...
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Control of fire by early humans
The control of fire by early humans was a turning point in the cultural aspect of human evolution that allowed humans to cook food and obtain warmth and protection. Making fire also allowed the expans...
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Environmental history
Environmental history is the study of human interaction with the natural world over time. In contrast to other historical disciplines, it emphasizes the active role nature plays in influencing human a...
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List of wildfires
This is a list of notable wildfires:
Wildfire suppression
Wildfire suppression refers to the firefighting tactics used to suppress wildfires. Firefighting efforts in wildland areas require different techniques, equipment, and training from the more familiar ...
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Wildfire modeling
In computational science, wildfire modeling is concerned with numerical simulation of wildland fires in order to understand and predict fire behavior. Wildfire modeling can ultimately aid wildland fir...
Bushfires in Australia
Bushfires in Australia are frequent events during the hotter months of the year, due to Australia's mostly hot, dry climate. Each year, such fires impact extensive areas. On one hand, they can cause...
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