World is a common name for the whole of human civilization, specifically human experience, history, or the human condition in general, worldwide, i.e. anywhere on Earth or pertaining to anywhere on ea...
These are the happiest countries in the world
Is An Ancient City Hidden Under Antarctica?
Could Antarctica have actually been home to an ancient civilization?
Two Americans injured in Mexico nightclub shooting that killed 5, terrorism ruled out
At least five people were killed at a nightclub in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, a popular beach resort near Cancun, where a music festival was being held.
New Zealand kebab shop owner blanks armed robber
WELLINGTON: A New Zealand kebab shop owner who ignored a pistol-wielding, would-be robber and continued to serve his customers has insisted “I’m not a hero” ...
Icy storm lashes France and Germany causing hardship
Snow and wind pummel parts of western Europe, causing power cuts and traffic problems.
US ships fire warning shots at Iranian vessels
Tensions rise in the Strait of Hormuz
Iran's ex-President Rafsanjani dies at 82
Iran's former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani dies at 82 after a heart attack, media say.
Jerusalem lorry attack: Four Israelis soldiers killed
Authorities say three women and one man, all in their twenties, were killed by a Palestinian attacker.
Russian hacking claims: US spy chief promises Putin motive
General James Clapper says the reason why Russia allegedly meddled in the US election will be revealed next week.
Fox News Exclusive: Hacker 'Guccifer' Casts Doubt on Obama Administration's Russia Hacking Claims
Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, weighing in from a prison 3,700 miles away on the latest diplomatic dust-up between the U.S. and Russia
A Wine-Oasis in the Israeli Negev Desert
Pop open a bottle from one of these Israeli desert wineries and you will taste and feel something truly special. The desert breeze...the warm sun by day and ...
Saudi Arabia To Behead Disabled Man For Taking Part In Protests
Saudi Arabia is set to behead a disabled man for taking part in anti-government protests. A specialised criminal court in Riyadh, the Arab kingdom's capital, sentenced Munir al-Adam, to death for “att...
FBI Never Examined Hacked DNC Servers Itself: Report
The report comes as controversy continues to surround the Intelligence Community’s assessment that Russia was behind the attack on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s personal...
Bucharest Rising on Vimeo
Bucharest Rising is a timelapse film set in the bustling capital city of Romania. The goal of this project is to promote city’s attractions and to show its…
"Tea" Afghan Hound at Australia's The Sydney Royal Dog Show. Social media sensation
Luke Kavanagh's Afghan Hound at Australia's largest & most prestigious show, The Sydney Royal Dog Show where "Tea" Supreme Ch. Karakush Black Gold Texas Tea ...
Live Orchestra While Hanging In The Air
Funny and Rare Viral Videos that you have never seen before.