Yalta (Ukrainian and Russian: Я́лта; Crimean Tatar: Yalta) is a resort city on the north coast of the Black Sea in the Crimean peninsula. It serves as the administrative center of Yalta Municipality, ...
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Foros Church
33°47′17.9″E / 44.404528°N 33.788306°E / 44.404528; 33.788306The Church of Christ's Resurrection is a popular tourist attraction on the outskirts of Yalta in the Crimea, known...
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Dulber is a palace in Koreiz, near Yalta in Crimea. The palace of Grand Duke Peter Nicolaievich of Russia, known as Dulber (dülber is Crimean Tatar for "beautiful", originally from Persian, del-bar, "...
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White Dacha
The White Dacha, (Russian: белая дача; Ukrainian: біла дача) is the house that Anton Chekhov had built in Yalta and in which he wrote some of his greatest work. It is now a museum.
The Whi...
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Yusupov Palace (Crimea)
The Yusupov Palace (Ukrainian: Юсуповський палац) is a palace located in the town of Koreiz, near Yalta in Crimea. It was built for Prince Felix Yusupov-Soumorokov-Elston, father of Prince Felix Y...
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Yalta municipality
Yalta City Municipality (Russian: Ялтинский горсовет; Ukrainian: Ялтинська міськрада; Crimean Tatar: Yalta şeer şurası), officially "the territory governed by the Yalta city council", also...
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School of the Future (Yalta)
The School of the Future (Yalta) is a secondary school in Yalta.
The school was established in 1971. In 2007, the school adopted a state social target program «School of the Future», the aim of wh...
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Crimean Trolleybus
Crimean Trolleybus Line (Russian: Крымский троллейбус, translit. Krymskiy trolleybus; Ukrainian: Кримський тролейбус, translit. Kryms’kyi troleibus; Crimean Tatar: Qırım trolleybusı) in C...
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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Yalta
The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a cathedral in Yalta, Crimea, built in 1902.
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Roffe Bath
Roffe Bath is a historical monument located in the center of Yalta, part of the ensemble "France" built by the famous architect Nikolay Krasnov, designer of the Greater Livadia Palace by the order of ...