Dispositio Achillea
The Dispositio Achillea (also: Constitutio Achillea or Achillean House Law), was the disposition of the territories of Elector Albert III Achilles of Brandenburg as regulated in his last will and test...
Feast of the Pheasant
The Feast of the Pheasant (French: Banquet du Voeu du Faisan, "Banquet of the Oath of the Pheasant") was a banquet given by Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy on 17 February 1454 in Lille, now in Franc...
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Battle of Tachov
The Battle of Tachov (German: Schlacht bei Tachau) or Battle of Mies (German: Schlacht bei Mies) was a battle fought on 4 August 1427 near the Bohemian towns of Tachov (Tachau) and Stříbro (Mi...
1438 in England
Events from the 1430s in England.
Monarch - Henry VI
1469 in England

Monarch — Henry VI (until 4 March 1461), Edward IV
Reconquest of Cephalonia
The Siege of the Castle of Saint George occurred from 8 November 1500 until 24 December 1500, when following a series of Venetian disasters at the hands of the Turks, the Spanish-Venetian army under C...
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1466 in England

Monarch — Henry VI (until 4 March 1461), Edward IV
Congress of Arras
The Congress of Arras was a diplomatic congregation established in Arras in 1435 between representatives of England, France, and Burgundy. Toward the close of the Hundred Years' War, both the Congress...
1460 in Denmark
Events from the year 1460s in Denmark.
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1447 in England
Events from the 1440s in England.
Monarch - Henry VI
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1418 in Ireland
Events from the year 1418 in Ireland.
Treaty of Constantinople (1479)
The Treaty of Constantinople was signed on January 25, 1479, which officially ended the fifteen-year war between the Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Empire. The agreement was established as a resul...
Siege of Shkodra
The Siege of Shkodra of 1478-79 was a confrontation between the Ottoman Empire and the Albanians and Venetians at Shkodra and its Rozafa Castle during the First Ottoman-Venetian War (1463–79). Ottoman...
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St. Elizabeth's flood (1404)
The St. Elizabeth's flood (Sint Elisabethsvloed) of 1404 occurred on or around November 19, 1404, the namesake day of St. Elizabeth. The floods were especially catastrophic in Flanders, Zeeland and H...
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