1954 Syrian coup d'état

With December 1951 coup, Colonel Adib Shishakli took power, forming a military authocracy. As the leader of Syria, Adib Shishakli recognized the desires of Syria's Arab majority, and accordingly ...
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United Nations Security Council Resolution 557
United Nations Security Council resolution 557, adopted unanimously on 28 November 1984, considered a report by the Secretary-General regarding the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force. The Cou...
October 13 massacre
The October 13 Massacre took place on 13 October 1990, during the final period of the Lebanese Civil War, when hundreds of Lebanese soldiers were executed after they surrendered to Syrian forces.
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Battle of al-Musayfirah
The battle of al-Musayfirah was one of the major military engagements between Druze rebels and the French Army on 17 September 1925, during the early stage of the Great Syrian Revolt, which continued ...
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1986 Damascus bombings
The 1986 Damascus bombings were a series of terrorist acts, performed in Damascus, Syria in 1986, considered to be the deadliest terrorism act against civilians since the quelling of the Islamist upri...
Battle of Damascus
Battle of Damascus may refer to:
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