Zionism (Hebrew: צִיּוֹנוּת, translit. Tziyonut, after Zion) is a nationalist and political movement of Jews and Jewish culture that supports the reestablishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory ...
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Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will fill U.S. void in Syria
Israel moved quickly Thursday to fill the coming power vacuum after President Trump said U.S. troops were being withdrawn from Syria, vowing to ramp up its own military campaign against Iranian-backed...
J Street: The Political Home for Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace Americans
Questions and answers about a complex topic.
Benjamin Netanyahu: About time US recognized Jerusalem as capital
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discusses President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and whether other countries will do the same.
Israeli researchers say they have new way to combat heart disease, stroke
Ben-Gurion U and Sheba Medical Center scientists announce creation of nano-polymer that may be better than statins
Sky Above Israel
Come with us on a bird’s eye tour of Israel – from cityscapes to desert vistas, from forests to fields and mountains to beaches, from modern buildings to anc...
"Pretty Woman" Actor, Richard Gere, Criticizes Israeli Settlements - YouTube
While in Jerusalem for the local premiere of a new film in which he stars, Richard Gere has lashed out at Israel over its settlements in territory that Pales...
Suspect Charged In Jewish Center Threats Is 31 Year Old Disgraced Reporter
Investigators allege Juan Thompson made threats in an effort to harass and vilify his ex-girlfriend.
Obama Gives Parting Middle Finger To Israel With Anti-Settlement Resolution
Obama Gives Parting Middle Finger to Israel with Anti-Settlement Resolution
Exclusive interview: Honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel
Miko Peled was born in Jersusalem into a famous and influential Israeli Zionist family. His father was a famous General in the Israeli Army, of which Miko also served his time. When Miko's niece was k...
ISRAEL BURNING: Muslim terrorists burning down the Jewish State, as arson fires rage across the Holy Land
“On Thursday morning, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan told Army Radio that 50% of these fires were caused by repeated arson.” We have often seen arson as a weapon of jihad.
Sky Above Israel
Come with us on a bird’s eye tour of Israel – from cityscapes to desert vistas, from forests to fields and mountains to beaches, from modern buildings to anc...
White House: Israeli settlement plan undermines pursuit of peace
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest comments on Israel's plan to build new housing developments in the West Bank.
In 120 seconds, this video will change the way you see the Israel-Palestinian conflict
An Arab and a Jew asking for hugs on the streets of East Jerusalem and Tel Aviv – and the results will surprise you.
Shimon Peres, The Last Of Israel's Founding Fathers, Dies At 93
Former president and prime minister passes away in his sleep 2 weeks after suffering major stroke
Hilarious speech by Ugandan President at Israel Entebbe Raid commemoration
This is so bad it’s good. Speaking at an event commemorating the storming of Entebbe airport by Israeli special forces, Ugandan President Museveni went hilar...
Labor Zionists
Labor Zionism or Socialist Zionism (Hebrew: צִיּוֹנוּת סוֹצְיָאלִיסְטִית, translit. tsionut sotsialistit) can be described as the major stream of the left wing of the Zionist movement. It was, for man...
General Zionists
The General Zionists (Hebrew: הַצִיּוֹנִים הַכְּלָלִיים, translit. HaTzionim HaKlaliym) were on the center-right position within the Zionist movement and a political party in Israel. The General Zioni...
Revisionist Zionism
Revisionist Zionism is a faction within the Zionist movement. It is the founding ideology of the non-religious right in Israel, and was the chief ideological competitor to the dominant socialist Labor...
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Religious Zionism
Religious Zionism (Hebrew: צִיּוֹנוּת דָּתִית, translit. Tziyonut Datit, or (דָּתִי לְאוּמִּי), translit. Dati Leumi "National Religious", or (כִּיפָּה סְּרוּגָּה), translit. Kippah seruga - lit. "kn...
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Haredim and Zionism
From the start of political Zionism in the 1890s, Haredi leaders voiced objection to its secular orientation and before the establishment of the State of Israel, the majority of Haredi Jews were oppos...
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Return to Zion
The return to Zion (Hebrew: שִׁיבָת צִיּוֹן, Shivat Tzion, or שבי ציון, Shavei Tzion, lit. Zion returnees) is a term that refers to the event written in the biblical books of Ezra-Nehemiah in which th...
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Aliyah (/ˌælɪˈɑː/, /ˌɑːliˈɑː/; Hebrew: עֲלִיָּה aliyah, "ascent") is the immigration of Jews from the diaspora to the land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael). Also defined as "the act of going up" or as in pro...
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Racial antisemitism
Racial antisemitism is antisemitism or prejudice against Jews on the basis of Jews being a racial or ethnic group, rather than Judaism as a religion. The definition is based on the social construct or...
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New antisemitism
New antisemitism is the concept that a new form of antisemitism has developed in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, emanating simultaneously from the far-left, radical Islam, and the far-right, a...
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Religious antisemitism
Religious antisemitism is a form of antisemitism, which is the prejudice against, or hostility toward, the Jewish people based on hostility to Judaism and to Jews as a religious group. It is sometimes...
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Revival of the Hebrew language
The revival of the Hebrew language was a process that took place in Europe and Palestine toward the end of the 19th century and into the 20th century, through which the language's usage changed from t...
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Yiddish (ייִדיש, יידיש or אידיש, yidish/idish, literally "Jewish") is the historical language of the Ashkenazi Jews. It originated during the 9th century in Central Europe, providing the pre-existing ...
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Ladino language
Judaeo-Spanish (also Judeo-Spanish and Judæo-Spanish: Judeo-Español, Hebrew script: גֿודֿיאו-איספאנייול, Cyrillic: Ђудео-Еспањол), commonly referred to as Ladino, is a Romance language derived from Ol...
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Hebraization of surnames
The Hebraization of surnames (also spelled Hebraicization) (Hebrew: עברות‎, Ivrut, "Hebraization") is the process of adopting Hebrew family names (also called surnames or last names).Many immigr...
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