Gustaf Larson
Erik Gustaf Larson (8 July 1887 — 4 July 1968) was a Swedish automotive engineer and the co-founder of Volvo. He held a Master of Science (M. Sc.) degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Insti...
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Christian von Koenigsegg
Christian Erland Harald von Koenigsegg (born July 2, 1972) is the founder of the Swedish high-performance automobile manufacturer Koenigsegg Automotive AB.When Koenigsegg was five years old, he saw th...
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Assar Gabrielsson
Assar Thorvald Nathanael Gabrielsson (August 13, 1891 - May 28, 1962) was a Swedish industrialist and co-founder of Volvo.
He married Anna Theresia ("Tessan") Andreasson (1890–1964) in 1916. They...
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