Brazil /brəˈzɪl/ (Portuguese: Brasil, [bɾaˈziw]), officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: República Federativa do Brasil, ...
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Jair Bolsonaro: Brazil’s new far right president fires hundreds of ‘left wing’ civil servants | The Independent
Brazil’s new president has authorised the dismissal of civil servants who do not share his far-right ideology, it has been reported.  Having taken office this week, Jair Bolsonaro has launched a
‘Trump of the Tropics’ – Controversial front-runner of Brazil’s election
Brazil is getting ready for elections - with a controversial right-wing frontrunner. RT LIVE Check out Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtub...
Brazil's Strongman Closes In on Presidency After Round-One Rout
Oct.08 -- Bloomberg's Julia Leite and Peterson Institute's Monica de Bolle discuss far-right former Army captain Jair Bolsonaro's lead in the first round of Brazil’s presidential elections.
This Brazilian jail gives prisoners the keys to their cells
Prisoners have to study, work and pursue a hobby every day. Read more: #wefimpact
Iguazu Falls is one of The Seven Natural Wonders of the World
Iguazu Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World😍
Watch what happens when Brazil's right wing candidate for president leaves the airport
His name me is Jair Bolsonaro. The American media calls him "Brazil's Trump," and the Brazilian media calls...
Iguazu Falls - Iguazu Falls - Power of Nature
Iguazu Falls are among the most monumental Water Falls in the world, situated at the border of Brazil and Argentina. In the year 2000 spiritual teacher Sri C...
Iguazu Falls Vacation Travel Guide
Destination-Travel-Guides Iguazu Falls is located at the junction of three nations: Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay.
Brésil Inside - Trek dans les Lençóis Maranhenses
Situé au Brésil, le parc national des Lençóis Maranhenses est un des plus beaux endroits du monde avec des dunes de sable blanc et des lagunes d'eau turquois...
Brazil police detain wife of murdered Greek ambassador Amiridis
Police in Rio de Janeiro have detained the Greek ambassador's wife and two other people on suspicion of involvement in his murder. The envoy, Kyriakos Amirid...
Inside Rio’s favelas, the city's neglected neighborhoods
The Rio you won’t see at the Olympics...
Rio Olympics 2016: Spectacular Closing Ceremony As Olympic Flag Goes To Tokyo
The Rio Olympics end with a spectacular carnival-inspired closing ceremony and the official handover to 2020 hosts Tokyo.
RIO 2016 Tourists Beware!!-Criminals Target Olympic Site In Brazil
Apparantly One Has To Be Very Vigilant In Rio During These Olympics Despite The Best Efforts Of The Police, Tourists seem to be a constant target.
History of Brazil
The history of Brazil starts with indigenous people in Brazil. Europeans arrived in Brazil at the opening of the 16th century.The first European to colonize Brazil was Pedro Álvares Cabral on April 22...
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Geography of Brazil
The country of Brazil occupies roughly half of South America, bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil covers a total area of 8,514,215 km (3,287,357 sq mi) which includes 8,456,510 km...
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States of Brazil
The Federal Republic of Brazil is a union of twenty-seven Federal Units (Portuguese: Unidades Federativas (UF)): twenty-six states (estados) and one federal district (distrito federal), where the ...
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Regions of Brazil
Brazil is geopolitically divided into five regions (also called macroregions) by the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE); each region is composed of three or more states. Although ...
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Municipalities of Brazil
The municipalities of Brazil (Portuguese: Municípios do Brasil) are administrative divisions of the Brazilian states. At present date, Brazil has 5,570 municipalities, making the average municipal...
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Brasília ([bɾaˈziljɐ]) is the federal capital of Brazil and the seat of government of the Federal District. The city is located along the Brazilian Highlands in the country's Central-West region. It w...
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São Paulo
São Paulo (/ˌsaʊ ˈpaʊloʊ/; [sɐ̃w ˈpawlu]; Saint Paul) is a municipality, metropolis and global city located in southeastern Brazil. It is the most populous city in Brazil, in the Americas, and the wor...
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Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro (/ˈriːoʊ di ʒəˈnɛəroʊ, -deɪ ʒə-, -də dʒə-/; [ˈʁi.u dʒi ʒɐˈnejɾu]; January's River), or simply Rio, is the second largest city in Brazil, the sixth largest city in the Americas and the w...
Culture of Brazil
The culture of Brazil presents a very diverse nature showing that an ethnic and cultural mixing occurred in the colonial period involving mostly Indigenous peoples of the coastal and most accessible r...
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Brazilian cuisine
Brazilian cuisine has European, African and Amerindian influences. It varies greatly by region, reflecting the country's mix of native and immigrant populations, and its continental size as well. Thi...
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Music of Brazil
The music of Brazil encompasses various regional music styles influenced by African, European and Amerindian forms. After 500 years of history, Brazilian music developed some unique and original style...
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Tourism in Brazil
Tourism in Brazil is a growing sector and key to the economy of several regions of the country. The country had 5.17 million visitors in 2012, ranking in terms of the international tourist arrivals as...
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