Eastern art
The history of Eastern art includes a vast range of influences from various cultures and religions. Developments in Eastern art historically parallel those in Western art, in general a few centuries e...
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Christie's - These two 1,300-year-old limestone bodhisattvas represent the height of Tang-dynasty art
These two 1,300-year-old limestone bodhisattvas represent the height of Tang-dynasty art. Find out more: http://bit.ly/2BlBIMY
Quebec mosque shooting: Police arrest a suspect and a witness
One of the two men detained over the incident, that killed six people, is a witness, police say.
Oriental Rug Motifs and Design Glossary - Jessie's Oriental Rugs
A glossary of Oriental rug and Persian rug motifs, designs and more. Learn more about Oriental rug designs, motifs and more.
10 Most Expensive Carpets in the World
The rug or carpet of a room contributes a significant portion of a value of a home. For your enjoyment, here are the top 10 most expensive carpets ever sold
Chinese ritual bronzes - 【Chinese Civilization HQ】 Chinese Bronze Artifacts Exhibited in Canada
Channel: CCTV-9 International Program: Chinese Civilization Date: 2008-11-12 Description: Chinese Bronze Artifacts Exhibited in Canada Video Series ID: 5pC8Z...
Chinese art - Treasures in Shanghai Museum
Video footage of some favourite works of art in Shanghai Museum: ancient chinese sculpture first, then bronze vessels, a couple of jade items and then finall...
Eastern art
Welcome to my walking tour of the Art Institute of Chicago. This tour will cover many Asian , Chinese and Indian artifacts that are currently on display. As ...
Vietnamese art
NEW YORK, February 2, 2010 - Curator Nancy Tingley introduces the Asia Society Museum exhibition Arts of Ancient Viet Nam: From River Plain to Open Sea (2 mi...
Indian painting
http://www.indiart.com/ Experience the rich heritage of Indian Miniature Paintings rendered in numerous styles that evolved over the centuries. Journey throu...
Japanese art
Utamaro Revealed: A Guide to Subjects, Themes & Motifs. By Gina Collia-Suzuki. www.utamarorevealed.com Kitagawa Utamaro is one of the most well-known and adm...
Persian art
persian art dates back to thousands of years ago and has preserved its traditional forms in the modern world.
Korean art
Gray-blue, unpolished earthenware objects were made in the Gyeongsang-do region during the Silla period, and they are generally referred to as Silla earthenw...
Silk Road transmission of art
Many artistic influences transited along the Silk Road, especially through the Central Asia, where Hellenistic, Iranian, Indian and Chinese influence were able to interact. In particular Greco-Buddhis...
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Greco-Buddhist art
Greco-Buddhist art is the artistic manifestation of Greco-Buddhism, a cultural syncretism between the Classical Greek culture and Buddhism, which developed over a period of close to 1000 years in Cent...
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Scythian art
Scythian art is art, primarily decorative objects, such as jewellery, produced by the nomadic tribes in the area known to the ancient Greeks as Scythia, which was centred on the Pontic-Caspian steppe ...
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Chinese art
Chinese art is visual art that, whether ancient or modern, originated in or is practiced in China or by Chinese artists. The Chinese art in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and that of overseas Chinese ...
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Culture of Cambodia
Throughout Cambodia's long history, religion has been a major source of cultural inspiration. Over nearly two millennia, Cambodians have developed a unique Khmer belief from the syncreticism of indig...
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Indian art
Indian Art consists of a variety of art forms, including plastic arts (e.g., pottery and sculpture), visual arts (e.g., cave paintings), and textile arts (e.g., woven silk). Geographically, it spans t...
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Japanese art
Japanese art covers a wide range of art styles and media, including ancient pottery, sculpture, ink painting and calligraphy on silk and paper, ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock prints, kiri-e, kirigami...
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Korean art
Korean arts include traditions in calligraphy, music, painting and pottery, often marked by the use of natural forms, surface decoration and bold colors or sounds.
The earliest examples of Korean ...
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Persian art
Persian art or Iranian art has one of the richest art heritages in world history and encompasses many disciplines including architecture, painting, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking and ston...
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Thai art
Traditional Thai art is primarily composed of Buddhist art and scenes from the Indian epics. Traditional Thai sculpture almost exclusively depicts images of the Buddha. Traditional Thai paintings usu...
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Turkish art
Turkish art refers to all works of visual art originating from the geographical area of what is present day Turkey since the arrival of the Turks in the Middle Ages. Turkey also was the home of much ...
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Vietnamese art
Vietnamese art is visual art that, whether ancient or modern, originated in or is practiced in Vietnam or by Vietnamese artists.
Vietnamese art has a long and rich history, the earliest examples ...
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Asian art
Asian art can refer to art amongst many cultures in Asia.
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Buddhist art
Buddhist art is the artistic practices that are influenced by Buddhism. It includes art media which depict Buddhas, bodhisattvas, and other entities; notable Buddhist figures, both historical and myth...
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